The episode opens, as is appropriate for the night that ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ comes out, with a ‘Star Wars’ -esque intro, complete with the saga’s music and an opening crawl in space, describing how the gang is desperate to get tickets to opening night of ‘The Force Awakens.’ Cut to a scene not too long ago, where the tickets are released early, and the 4 guys desperately try to buy seats despite the websites crashing. Sheldon is so desperate he drops to his knees to pray, about to admit to the existence of God, right when they get tickets, and Sheldon takes it all back.

In the present, Sheldon, Penny and Leonard are discussing the reunion of Shamy, while Leonard is stoked that ‘Star Wars’ is premiering in 3 days. Penny realizes it is the same night as Amy’s birthday, and Sheldon says he is allowed to skip her birthday as he bought the tickets while they were broken up. Later that night, Sheldon is visited by Arthur in full Obi-Wan garb, clearly unhappy to be called back to give Sheldon advice once more, although he admits at least this time Sheldon did not just need him to light up the room with his ghostly aura. Arthur helps convince Sheldon that Amy should be his priority, and Sheldon reluctantly agrees.

Later, Sheldon presents his ‘Star Wars’ ticket to Leonard, trusting he will find someone worthy of taking it, but when Leonard suggests Penny, Sheldon takes the ticket back and gives it to Raj to hand out. After toying with the idea of asking Stuart to the go with them to the movie (which is vetoed as going with Stuart is apparently like taking your grandpa) the guys ask Will Wheton to join them.

Meanwhile Sheldon discusses birthday gift ideas with Penny and Bernadette, the options being either persuading the LA Philharmonic to let Amy play with them, sending her to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival, or coitus (the latter of which surprises Penny so much that she actually drops her wine). The girls encourage Sheldon to go with the last option, as Sheldon states he feels he is ready, and really wants to show Amy how much she means to him. Later on, Penny and Bernadette spill the beans to Amy while trying to encourage her to get a bikini wax or watch a dirty movie and ask any questions that come up, and Amy is beyond excited.

Sheldon is visited by Arthur once again, expressing his concerns over everything going right with Amy, and Arthur explains to Sheldon that if it is the right woman for him, everything will go fine. (Of course, this is after Arthur tries to kill himself instead of having a sex talk with Sheldon, unfortunately finding he cannot die twice). Raj, Howard and Leonard show up for the ‘Star Wars’ premiere, overly excited, and are horrified to see Will Wheton show up in a ‘Star Trek’ custome, as he put it, “repping his home team.” He goes on to disillusion the guys about how unimportant how good the ‘Star Wars’ movie really is in the grand scheme of things, but fortunately the guys are so excited it does not ruin their night, even when Will mentions the terror of Jar Jar Binks.

While Penny and Bernadette send good thoughts to the happy couple, with Penny assuring Bernie that she gave Sheldon some good tips for the night, Sheldon finally makes it to Amy’s house, arriving a little late due to his chasing down a lost balloon he had bought for her birthday. Amy tells Sheldon that she is aware of his gift, and Sheldon makes sure to get her explicit permission to move forward (because, in his words, we live in such a litigious society), even wanting her to sign a quick contract before they move forward, which she bypasses by kissing him. Once they get to the bed, Amy expresses her nervousness because she had waited so long for this moment, and Sheldon is very understanding of her.

Later, post-coitus, Sheldon and a satisfied Amy lie in bed, Sheldon commenting that he enjoyed sex more than he thought he would, and that he looks forward to her next birthday when they can do it again.  Amy is so happy that she agrees that his plan is fine. Back at the movie theater, Raj, Howard and Leonard are also extremely satisfied now that the movie is over, with Raj commenting that he does not think he can walk for awhile.

In the episode end, Arthur appears once more in Sheldon’s bedroom, this time being curious to hear the details of Sheldon’s night with Amy. Unfortunately for him, by this point Sheldon has seen the new ‘Star Wars’ movie, and the thought of how much he enjoyed it dominates everything else, even remembering his critical important recent moment in Amy.


SHELDON: This goes against everything I stand for….(kneels and puts his hands together to pray). Lord….

SHELDON: Arthur, what brings you back?
ARTHUR: Beats me, I just hope this isn’t a sex dream.

PENNY: Ok, what’s the third option?
SHELDON: I have coitus with her. (Penny’s glass drops to the ground and shatters)

SHELDON: Then it’s settled. Amy’s birthday present will be my genitals.

BERNADETTE: We don’t want to spoil anything, but you should know Sheldon said he’s ready to be physical.

SHELDON: (handing Amy flowers) Sorry I’m late. I also got you a balloon, but it floated away and I chased it for awhile.

PENNY: (on Sheldon’s chances of coitus with Amy) Well I’m gonna stay positive. We talked, I told him what women like, and after he stopped giggling he seemed pretty sure of himself.

SHELDON: (post-Coitus) Well I enjoyed that more than I thought I would.
AMY: Me too.
SHELDON: Well I look forward to your next birthday when do it again.
AMY: (considers momentarily) That works for me.

ARTHUR: Sheldon?
SHELDON: Arthur, what are you doing here? I don’t need any more advice.
ARTHUR: I was curious… How did it go?
SHELDON: It was amazing. I saw it a few days later, what a movie!
ARTHUR: (confused) Well, what about Amy?
SHELDON: She liked it fine. But she doesn’t have a history with the franchise like I do.
ARTHUR: (bewildered) Ooook. Good talk.

Great Winter finale! I knew they were leading us to Shamy getting it on, and I thought it was very well done, a nice moment between the young couple, and they did not make it overly cheesy or painfully awkward. Also, the ‘Star Wars’ tie-ins were great, and I really enjoyed the way they cut the Shamy sex scenes with the guys about to see the movie, and then afterwards. Helped them to stay true to the spirit of nerdiness the show as built on even while advancing the Sheldon and Amy relationship.

I’m gonna miss the show while it is on hiatus, but when it comes back, I look forward to finally getting to Sheldon’s proposal to Amy!