Many elements from this season begin to come together in part one of the season four finale.

Richard Feliz comes in person to the Sanctuary to tell Magnus that he cannot be her banker anymore. Magnus is not out of money, but Feliz is uncomfortable with what she wants him to do with her money. Magnus protests, but she understands why he wants to end their banking arrangement. Magnus asks Feliz for one final favor, and he reluctantly agrees. Feliz shuts down Wall Street for twelve minutes.

Will tries to help an Abnormal, but a group of humans threaten to hurt them. To their rescue is the insurgent leader, Caleb. Caleb tells Will to take the Abnormal back to the Sanctuary and asks him to inform Magnus that he wants to meet with her.

Back at the Sanctuary, Tesla is depressed because SCIU discovered he was using funds for his own research. Tesla laments about being fired and misses the access to the big budget. He is also upset that his research was taken by SCIU. Henry works on his personal energy shield device, and he hopes the rock Will and Magnus brought back from Bolivia can help solve the power issues he has been having.

Caleb and Magnus meet. Caleb tells her that he reacted to the Abnormals being attacked by humans. The humans attacked, so he attacked back, but he is tired of the war. He wants peace. He wants the Abnormals to have a home on the surface so they do not have to live in secret anymore.

Magnus thinks Caleb is sincere, but Will has his doubts. Magnus thinks the Fifth Ward would make the best place for an Abnormal settlement, but Will thinks Magnus should take things slow. Magnus, stubborn as usual, says that now is the time, so she goes ahead with her plan. Seems like all the talking they did in the cave didn’t change things between Will and Magnus much.

Magnus contacts Addison, the leader of SCIU, to broker peace between SCIU and the Abnormals. All Addison wants to know is Caleb’s location. Instead of telling him, she hangs up. Magnus is determined to make the settlement happen and says SCIU is not needed. Will objects again. Magnus brushes his objections aside and recalls Kate from Hollow Earth to help with the settlement project.

Magnus and Caleb meet Franklin in the Fifth Ward. Magnus tells Franklin about Abnormals and her plan to make the Fifth Ward an Abnormal settlement. After the meeting, Caleb said that it could have gone better, but agrees that Franklin was right about not having the leaders needed to make a settlement work. Caleb tells Magnus that the people they need are being held captive by SCIU.

Will is pulled over by SCIU. Addison tells Will that Will has to come work for him. Addison threatens Will. Will tells Magnus about Addison’s plans, and Magnus thinks it might be useful to have him on the inside. Will does not want to work for SCIU, but Magnus asks him to do so. Again, Magnus gets her way. If she has a grand plan, she is keeping it to herself, and her secrecy is frustrating Will.

Will and Abby work for SCIU. During a meeting, Will learns that Addison views SCIU as the last line of defense against Abnormals. They need to strike first and strike hard to deal with the constant threat.

Magnus helps Caleb free his people. Addison finds out and tells Will, who has no idea why she would commit an act SCIU would see as terrorism. Addison orders Will to arrest Magnus. Will goes to the Sanctuary, but Magnus has changed the codes, and Henry is not allowed to let him in. Will goes to Franklin; they used to work together, and Will knows Magnus has seen her to discuss the Fifth Ward settlement. Will threatens Franklin to arrange a meeting with Magnus so Will can arrest her.

Biggie tells Henry that he is leaving the Sanctuary. Henry is upset to see his friend leave, and Biggie gets angry. Biggie tells Henry that he has always wanted to be free, and he is taking this chance to be free.

Will tells Addison that he is done with all of it, SCIU and Magnus, after he arrests Magnus and gets answers.

Kate and Caleb are in the Fifth Ward. Things are coming together. The settlement is taking shape. Kate says that if this works, then maybe all Abnormals can come to the surface. Kate sees Biggie. She tells him about Garris. Instead of being happy about her upcoming nuptials, Biggie practically growls and tells her, “Your place is not here.”

Magnus meets Franklin. Will appears behind Magnus. He tells her that he just wants to talk. She gets away from him and speeds away in her car. Will tells Franklin to call for backup. Will chases Magnus on his motorcycle. A truck pulls out and blocks Magnus. She gets out of her car. Will says that she is under arrest. Magnus punches Will, and they get into a fist fight. Magnus takes Will’s bike and speeds away as backup arrives.

This moment almost destroyed the episode for me. Will has been working with Magnus for years, and he knows what she is capable of. Even if a viewer has only seen this season, previous episodes have shown that Magnus is smart, cunning, and an excellent fighter. Why didn’t Will have a team in place? Dr. Helen Magnus is technically over 200 years old (she lived the same 113 years twice), so one Dr. Will Zimmerman is not enough to arrest her. There is not enough in the script to suggest Will trying to arrest her is a ruse; Will genuinely seems frustrated by not getting any answers from her, so evidence suggests that he is motivated to arrest her so he can question her. This entire sequence could have been written a lot better.

Since Will did not arrest Magnus, Addison decides to move ahead on his “11th Hour Plan.” He finds it fortunate that a large group of Abnormals have gathered in the same area.

Magnus and Caleb discuss the success of the Fifth Ward settlement. Magnus suggests sending the overflow to other Sanctuaries, but Caleb will not have his people sent elsewhere. He refuses to turn anyone away because they have a home on the surface now.

Magnus sees Biggie. She is sad that her friend has left the Sanctuary, but she understands why he is there. Biggie tells her that it felt right to make the Fifth Ward his home. Magnus goes to hug him, but he walks away. After Magnus leaves, the power goes out in the settlement. Lights appear overhead. SCIU forces surround the settlement with a fence. SCIU has given the public the cover story of a toxic spill in the area.

Magnus and Henry are shocked by what they see on TV. Magnus leaves. Will watches the news coverage. He calls Addison over because he sees Magnus on television. Both men are stunned when Magnus reveals to the public the secret about the Abnormals.

I expect “Part 2” to be a stronger episode as Magnus tries to save the trapped Abnormals. For several episodes, Magnus has told Will that she will tell him what he needs to know at the right time. I hope next week’s finale is the right time, and we get the answers we have been waiting for all season.

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Next Friday, December 30th, the season four finale, “Sanctuary for None (Part 2),” will air on Syfy.