Warner Brothers

The COVID-19 shutdowns are really out of anyone’s hands, much to the chagrin of Hollywood, where studios have had to continuously postpone the releases of their movies, even the really big ones, as theaters across the country and around the world have closed down.  The one movie that it seems every studio is eyeing is Warner Brothers’ ‘Tenet’, directed by Christopher Nolan.  Each time WB has shifted ‘Tenet’s release, other studios have reacted by moving their movies out of its way.  Even the theaters are reacting to WB’s decisions.  After the studio delayed ‘Tenet’ from mid-August to early September, AMC announced that it would hold off on reopening its US theaters until mid-August.  (Warner Brothers will re-release Nolan’s ‘Inception’ in advance of ‘Tenet’, both to celebrate its ten-year anniversary, and to test the waters and see how the theaters perform upon reopening to the public.)

Generally speaking, the makers of the delayed movies and their stars have mostly remained silent about all of the changes.  But ‘Tenet’s star, John David Washington, has finally broken his silence in a very zen way.  Speaking to the fashion website Mr. Porter, Washington stated:

“I mean, I’m human. I put everything into this film. You think it’s going to happen and they keep pushing it back. That can be disheartening. But it’s like your child. You want to send it to the best school, even if you have to wait a semester.”

‘Tenet’ is being kept under a veil of secrecy that surpasses those of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ‘Star Wars’– seriously, no one even knows Washington’s character’s name!  He’s just called “The Protagonist!”  Even though no one really knows anything about the film, buzz is that it will be incredible and well worth the wait, and the risk that comes with seeing it in a theater in a pandemic.

At this time, ‘Tenet’ is scheduled to arrive in US theaters on Thursday, September 3.  Will you be among the first to check out this film?