For how much the 2005 and 2007 ‘Fantastic Four‘ films wouldn’t fit in today’s comic styled cinematic world Julian McMahon (‘Nip/Tuck’,’Home and Away’) would still love to revisit the character of Dr. Doom. During a recent holiday party at Syfy, the casts of both ‘Childhood’s End’ and ‘The Expanse’ were available for interviews so McMahon was on hand for some questions. While his role as Rupert Boyce in Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘Childhood’s End‘ was, of course, brought up, it was the commentary on his time as Dr. Doom that truly stands out.

While Jessica Alba ended up in ‘Sin City’, Michael Chiklis prowling the streets of ‘Gotham’, and Chris Evans taking up the shield of ‘Captain America’ you might wonder where McMahon would choose to go if he went back to hanging out with superheroes. It seems he wouldn’t want to do anything but what he’s played so far:

“It’s interesting, I was thinking the other day, and I looked online and looked at the new Fantastic Four movie, and I saw it, saw the trailer and I just thought, okay, that’s interesting. But I never got to express Doctor Doom the way that I saw Doctor Doom.”

What might that mean? Well, he went into exactly that after it was brought up that there was always a chance that Marvel Studios could get the rights to Marvel’s First Family back with ‘Fantastic Four 2‘ potentially cancelled.

“If Marvel Studios got Doctor Doom back, and I could play him the way I always wanted to, as a sniveling, conniving, freaky guy, I would do that for sure. The character I most want to play is the character I’ve already played! There’s so much there!”

While sniveling isn’t the word most of us would use to describe Dr. Doom, there was a long stretch of time when his character was just that. I’m pretty sure most of us would want to see the man of sheer force who is able to shape the world through his willpower. Hell, until the ‘Secret Wars’ are over he is still, for all technicality, a God in the Marvel Universe even though we all know that it doesn’t last long.

Would you be happy to see McMahon reprise his role as Dr. Doom? Do you feel that sniveling is the right way to describe him? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book