Lately we’ve been learning more about the Universal Cinematic Monster Universe and today we’ve found out a bit about the upcoming reboot of ‘The Wolfman‘. While ‘The Mummy‘ is still up first, it seems that ‘The Wolfman’ will be the second film out of the gate and has taken the mystery March 30th 2018 release date that we knew an unknown film was scheduled for. With this being a year away from the first film it seems that we’ll have a stretched out shared universe and no current plans for 2 movies a year.

If these end up commercially successful you can bet that will quickly change.

Personally I’m not sure why they are taking the monster films and releasing them in the Spring instead of closer to Halloween but hey, why capitalize on the holiday that was made for horror films right? My only guess is this is due to trying to be more of an action than horror film and trying to bill them that way.

We’ve learned that the screen play for the film will be by Aaron Guzikowski who had also just been tapped to rewrite the next ‘Friday the 13th’. No word on who will end up being the next big name when it comes to shapeshifters but as the studio is trying to get Tom Cruise in for ‘The Mummy’ and Angelina Jolie in talks for ‘Bride of Frankenstein‘ I would imagine we’ll be seeing someone with wide name recognition being contacted for the role.

It is interesting that the first two major reboots in this cinematic universe are for the franchises which had most recently attempted reboots. I’m wondering if this is to try and scrub the memories from our minds though I would think it would have worked better to introduce them further into the series.

Are you looking forward to the reboot of ‘The Wolfman’? Who would you like to see in the role? Share your thoughts below!

We’ll see ‘The Wolfman’ howling onto the big screen on March 30th 2018.

Source: Slash Film