What a time to be alive! Currently, Warner Brothers Entertainment and DC Comics’ live action ‘Wonder Woman’ film adaptation is taking the world by storm! The film released to almost unanimous positive reviews and both critics and fans alike can’t seem to get enough of Princess Diana of Themyscira! Our good friends at Entertainment Earth were so excited about the film that they partnered with the team at Funko to release a brand new Entertainment Earth exclusive collectible, a Diana Prince Funko POP Vinyl! Today we’re taking a look at it, and you won’t need a Lasso Of Truth to get an honest review here!
EE Funko Diana Prince_11

The first thing we want to not is that this POP! is a truly unique piece in that it features a number of firsts for Funko! We’ve seen plenty of Wonder Woman POP! Vinyls, but this is our first ever POP! Vinyl of her as her alter ego Diana Prince (completely incognito)! When you consider the fact that we have a Diana Prince POP! Vinyl but we still haven’t gotten a Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent POP! Vinyl from the DC Cinematic Universe, it’s kind of a big deal. Additionally, this Diana Prince POP! features a removable shield accessory, which is one of the first of its kind! Funko has very rarely released a POP! Vinyl with a removable accessory, so this is opening an entirely new world of possibilities for this incredibly popular (or should we say POP-ular?) line of toys.

As with pretty much all POP! Vinyls, this Diana Prince POP! comes in a standard 6 sided window display box. The box features her name and branding for the ‘Wonder Woman’ film, as well as a bright yellow ‘Entertainment Earth Exclusive’ sticker adorning the window display! The coloring used on the box is a match with the film’s marketing and full of vibrant blues, reds, and gold; making the box really stand out! On the back of the box, there is a display of all of the other POP! Vinyls available in the ‘Wonder Woman’ film wave. Along the front of the packaging and the sides/top, there is artwork of the Diana Prince POP! Vinyl itself. Inside the packaging, Diana is snug and secure in specially molded plastic that holds her safely in place.

EE Funko Diana Prince_3

The POP! itself is of Wonder Woman’s alter ego ‘Diana Prince’, and as such features her in World War I era street clothes as a disguise. This particular figure shows her in a long brown coat with a black hat and glasses (because glasses make a difference for a disguise! Ask Superman!), so as not to draw attention to herself in the film. You can see Wonder Woman’s iconic Bracers sticking out at the cuff of her coat sleeves, which is great considering that the figure is posed as if she is using them to block a bullet! The sculpt of the coat is also particularly nicely done, giving an authentic layered look. As with many female character Funko POP! Vinyls, Diana includes a clear plastic display stand that you can place her on using a peg hole in her boot so that she doesn’t topple over due to the size of her head (with a large hat, we might add) and her smaller figure frame.

The big standout piece of this figure is the removable shield accessory. The shield has a highly detailed sculpt to it and the paint applications on it are fairly intricate. It really shows how much effort that Funko put in to this piece! It’s already come up a few times before, but it’s also pretty cool in general that this Diana Prince POP! Vinyl even has a removable shield at all, as it is incredibly rare for Funko to include a removable accessory!
EE Funko Diana Prince_2
Overall, The Entertainment Earth Exclusive Diana Prince Funko POP! Vinyl from the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie line is a great piece for any fan of ‘Wonder Woman’. If you enjoyed the film, you’ll never forget the already iconic alleyway scene where this outfit is worn, which means this particular POP! Vinyl is a perfect keepsake. We highly recommend checking it out for yourself over at Entertainment Earth! Be sure to take a look at some of their other wonderful ‘Wonder Woman’ wares as well while you’re there! Check out our full image gallery below!