Revelations and resolutions aplenty arrive in Sleepy Hollow this week, as the mysterious events surrounding the demise of Abbie and Jenny’s mother are finally delved into.

The episode begins with an ailing Ichabod awaking Abbie from a dark dream. In it, her mother continually warns of dark events about to unfold.  After giving Crane some medication, and basically propping him into a corner, Abbie heads to the police station at Reyes’ request.

Once there, Abbie learns that the third suicide in as many days has just occurred at Tarrytown Psych.  This is considered a strange event, even for that dark and disturbing place, and given Abbie’s history and recent success, Reyes gives her full jurisdiction on the case.

With Jenny in tow, the pair has a sit down with Irving.  Frank reveals that all of the patients who recently committed suicide showed no signs beforehand, and were even making significant progress with their mental recovery.  After a sticky question involving Irving’s possible connection to the deaths due to his forced deal with Henry, Abbie is assured he has nothing do with it and pursues other angles to find a lead.

They catch a break when security footage of the most recent suicide shows a second figure present during the death.  This person turns out to be none other than the spirit of Abbie and Jenny’s mother.  Given their past, the pair quickly assume the possibility that Lori Mill’s is the supernatural force behind these suicides, but Abbie gains a level head and is determined to look at the situation from all possible angles.

She returns to consult Crane, only to find his battle with the flu worsening.  Despite his ailment, he provides key knowledge as to why Lori’s spirit waited fifteen years to return by correlating it with a spirit map and Henry’s attempts to revive Moloch.  Hawley arrives to provide assistance in addition to giving Crane a strategically crafted quart of Matzo ball soup.  With Ichabod in forced recovery, the trio sets off to Tarrytown with this new information.

Meanwhile, Katrina and Henry face off over the new child under their roof.  Henry preys upon her guilty conscience over abandoning him and is able to make her oblivious to what the child actually is and even that it is leeching energy off her.

At Tarrytown, the trio is busy watching surveillance feeds and is able to stop a patient before he can end his life.  During this struggle, Lori’s spirit makes an appearance in the room and vanishes, with Abbie disappearing as well.

Nurse Lambert finds Abbie in an abandoned ward of the hospital just after her mother’s spirit utters a warning of approaching danger.  Abbie regroups with her sister and Hawley, and after some digging they discover the true threat.

It turns out that Lori has been trying to stop the killings all along.  The killer is actually Nurse Lambert, a spirit herself, who brought dozens of patients to their death before she was stopped at Tarrytown Psych in the 1950’s.  They discover this information at the same moment Lambert steps into Irving’s room.

The team arrives back at the hospital in time to save Irving from the forced attempt on his life, and from there they formulate a plan to investigate Lori Mill’s old room for clues.  Beneath the cracked plaster wall, they find old drawings of their mother’s, which awakens old memories in Jenny.  A time in which Lori almost took both their lives in one of her fits of hysteria.

While Abbie attempts to help her sister recover from this state of panic, Lori’s spirit arrives in the room and has enough time to deliver knowledge of an old journal which could provide the key to defeating Lambert.  Moments later, Lambert arrives and whisks both Lori and Abbie off with her.

Jenny and Hawley race to the hospital’s archives in hopes of finding the journal there while Abbie wrestles in the midst of Lambert’s clutches.  As Lambert is about to force pills down Abbie’s throat, her mother’s spirit is finally able to fight back and protect her child.  This gives Jenny enough time to recite a North African chant from the journal, which whisks both spirits from this plane of existence.

The group is pleased with their success, but Jenny and Abbie cannot help from feeling depressed over not getting to say any last words to their mother.  Under Jenny’s suggestion, the entire crew – including Ichabod – gather in Lori’s old room at the hospital to say their final farewells.

They are able to summon her spirit one last time, and it is then that Jenny learn her mother did everything in her power to protect them, even during that dark moment all those years ago.  She also informs them the journal contains clues that will aid them in their war against Moloch before departing in bittersweet fashion.

On the road away from Tarrytown, the gang encounters Irving in his attempt to escape.  Despite her misgivings, Abbie lends her assistance and carts him off to safety.

Back at Henry’s lair, Katrina becomes aware of what the baby actually is and prepares a potion to destroy it.  Yet it proves too little, too late, as the baby has grown into a young boy and demands Katrina’s care.

With events surrounding the Mills’ girl’s troubled childhood finally revealed and keys to a plan against Moloch firmly in hand, events appear to be approaching a showdown.  Only one week till the fall finale, and with it, an episode that is sure to be a nail biter!