A lot has happened to our trio of roomies (plus one) over the last few weeks in Being Human. While this week’s entry, “For Those About to Rot” is a bit slower paced than its two most recent predecessors, it doesn’t disappoint in helping set up what will be quite the smashing season end.

With Pete’s help, Josh is doing a bit of communing with his inner wolf and while his inner beast is a little more willing to be in his presence, they’ve yet to bond. Josh’s frustrations are evident though Pete is the voice of reason—fighting that part of himself for five years versus two days of trying to mend the fences just isn’t a realistic deal. ‘Obi-Wan the Werewolf’ offers Josh the chance to do a full on cram session that night, breaking through Josh’s walls and uniting he and le wolf once and for all.

Getting good at burying bodies, aren’t we Josh?

In a weird twist of circumstances, a passed out and shoeless Aidan thinks back to his dear Susanna. When he awakens from the jarring memories, Sally’s hanging out, as if she’s waiting for him. There’s some excellent back and forth between the two friends with the former ghost/now living zombie (sorry Sally) getting some psychological analysis on everyone’s favorite “backed up…sexually” vampire. The fun ends when, after Aidan leaves the room, Sally gets a call from Zoe who, in self-defense, went Babe Ruth on Nick’s skull. Nick’s ghost appears, absolving Zoe of any guilt and then warning her that, if given the chance, Sally will do the same thing. He offers his goodbyes and a stern warning for Zoe to stay away from Sally before walking through his door. After Zoe dismisses her, Sally enlists Josh to help him bury Nick’s body (he’s getting pretty good at this) and Sally has the “doh!” moment, wondering what the heck may be going on with Stevie-boy.

Aidan’s not kosher with the good Reverend’s message

Aidan’s drifting into the past again, this time reliving one of his good Reverend’s sermons that take a special interest in Aidan and Susanna’s tragedy. He’s more than a bit pissed (and not of the drunk variety)  because he knows what the Rev wants: Susanna. Back in the present, and not far removed from the past, Kat with the Pretty Eyes surprises Aidan with a trip to Boston’s rare book collection archive. There she shows him one of the older volumes written by none other than Edmund Waite, Aidan’s father. The moment is interrupted when Jeff, Kat’s ex (and former Prof) shows up with his newest young thang on his arm. The encounter discombobulates Kat but Aidan’s there for her and they take the date back to her place where, under the influence of a bit o’ wine, Kat gives Aidan the lowdown on her ‘ship with Jeff. She admits to wanting kids and Aidan tells her he can’t; it sparks his memory of the good old Reverend castigating him for not being a man of God. The final insult is wishing Aidan the worst of luck ever having his own get, for which the Rev is rewarded with a punch to the face.

Sally and Josh go to Stevie’s house, ready to tell the whole sordid tale of ghosts, resurrection, and craving human flesh living zombie stages of life their son has gone through. Josh offers to do the talking, which will be “quick and painful”; “Like a drive-by” is Sally’s star-quality rejoinder. Her momentary freak out is abated when Stevie answers the door, looking a bit suspicious as he invites them in. He gives the two a spiel about his travels and his parents staying at their lake house for weeks at a time though the story is squashed when Josh’s nose picks up the stench of death in the form of an arm in a breadbox. Stevie comes clean about what he’s been up to and don’t you just love Josh’s reaction to Stevie’s revelation of chowing down on a “United States Postal Worker”! They want to help him but Stevie only believes that killing himself will be the answer. He leads them to the basement where he has the noose set up for killing himself but he’s scared—a sentiment he shares frequently during his limited screen time. Sally thinks it’s crazy, even after Stevie attacks them, but Josh steps up to the plate. He tells Sally that learning to survive in their world includes learning how to make impossible choices. He takes care of Stevie and promises Sally she won’t suffer the same fate. Though what fate a newly ghost Sally may experience is up in the air when she recognizes the door Stevie and Nick went through are one and the same. After promising her again that he will be there (despite her desire to eat flesh) Josh goes to Pete, albeit a lil too late, as his mentor is getting chomped on by vamps. When they hear his name, they knock Josh out of commission and finish their main course.

Finally at an end to their date, Aidan and Kat are ready to say goodbye, though mostly due to Aidan’s inability to control the beast when they start doing a bit of necking. He retreats around the corner, takes the edge off with a bag of blood before knocking back on her door and taking care of business. Go my boy! After all, that is Kat with the Pretty Eyes.

Sometime after some most probably furious coupling, Aidan’s flashback is of the promise he made to God on being a good man if only he can have a healthy wife and son. He wakes up from the final memory, again dazed and confused in an alley before stumbling away. He never sees the snacked on corpse of what looks to be Prof Jeff.

So what the heck is going on with Aidan? While I love this new ‘ship with Kat, his blackouts are hinting at some potentially serious problems. Speaking of serious, how will the crew take it when they find out Aidan spilled the curative flu beans to the vamp community? And Sally’s going further downhill while Josh has truly learned he can’t just sit by and hope for the best. It’s a difficult world as it is, and that’s not counting the added pressures of being a werewolf and dealing with vampires, ghosts, and best friends who are now living zombies. A tough world that’s just getting tougher to navigate await our trio plus as they steer towards what looks to be an intense season three conclusion.