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Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple is clearly going to be returning again in ‘Luke Cage‘ as Netflix has just cast her mother. Sonia Braga (‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’,’Royal Pains’) will be playing the role of Soledad Temple and this is exactly the kind of talent you should expect from Marvel and Netflix at this point. It should be no surprise that they would pick an Emmy and three-time Golden Globe nominated actress for such a role and with this wonderful actress, you have to expect that she is going to have a pretty large role.

With Claire not only having a major role in ‘Daredevil’ but quite the cameo in ‘Jessica Jones,’ it only feels fitting that she’ll be back again. I’m just wondering if they’ll up the ante on her screen time if her mother is involved. With Claire having become Luke Cage’s love interest in the comics, it could be that her mother will appear in the show for Cage meet her if things between him and Clair get serious.

Of course, if this does stem from some kind of romantic entanglement it should be interesting to see how Jessica deals with Luke finding love in another place.

Regardless of how that pans out, it clearly has her in a role similar to Nick Fury in bringing these heroes together. Chances are she will somehow be involved when ‘The Defenders’ join forces to fight a common evil. Her disappearance or introductions to one another is quite likely what will have these heroes working together.

What are your thoughts on expanding the on screen time of the Temple family in the Netflix Marvel series’? Are you looking forward to Braga joining the cast? What do you suspect Claire’s importance in ‘Luke Cage’ will be when the series premieres in 2016? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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