Word has it that the reason Universal Studios took on Angelina Jolie‘s recently released ‘By the Sea’ was so that they could get her interested in one or two other new films they had in the pipeline. Those films just happen to be the long awaited ‘Wanted 2’ and the upcoming reboot of ‘Bride of Frankenstein‘! These two roles give her the option of both hero and villain as she did end up being good at the end of ‘Wanted.’ While clearly being the monster might not make her bad in ‘Bride of Frankenstein,’ it will at least make her an outcast to society and be siding with the other monsters in Universal’s cinematic monster universe.

With ‘By the Sea’ having lost close to $40 million at the box office, it would seem that to stay in Universal’s good graces for future pet projects Jolie might need to get another blockbuster or two under her belt and these are both potential big wins for the studio. In fact, the studio and Jolie disagreed how to market the movie as an insider claims that “Universal wanted to sell it as something sexy, but she wanted it to be sold as a European art house movie… Every trailer and TV spot was cut by her or her group.”

If she agrees to one or both of the films, scheduling will be the next issue. Jolie already has ‘Salt 2’ and ‘Maleficent 2‘ on her plate. Although, for ‘Wanted 2’ the studio will also have to work around James McAvoy‘s busy schedule with multiple films in the works as well as the next unannounced ‘X-Men’ film that he is surely set to reprise the role of Charles Xavier in.

While Jolie has played a variety of roles so far her stand out performances have usually come out when she shows off her dark side. From ‘Maleficent‘ to the mother of Grendel in ‘Beowulf,’ she has the natural beauty and look to be able to pull off evil in a fun way and I actually think she would make a great bride for the Universal reboots though a long term commitment for multiple films isn’t something she has previously seemed too interested in.

Would you prefer to see Angelina Jolie in ‘Wanted 2’ or the reboot of ‘Bride of Frankenstein’? Share your thoughts below!

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