We’ve reached the fall finale of the Heroes: Reborn miniseries and, while some things change, others remain pretty much the same.

Noah’s reaction to Luke’s appearance isn’t one of open arms welcome

Starting in Carbondale, Noah commiserates with Malina on Casper’s death and Nathan’s (aka Tommy) disappearance. After chasing after his wife, Luke returns and despite Noah offering a thank you for seeing Malina here to safety, he’s not about trusting Luke. Noah and his granddaughter bond as they talk about the things to come. As they move forward, Noah realizes Luke following them and, confronts the Evo at a gas station where Luke admits the truth about his original plan to kill Nathan but he’s changed now. Still, Noah’s wary of him and, for some odd reason decides it’s best for he and Malina to keep going…straight into the heart of this big, freaking storm! Logic aside, Malina gets out—while others flee their vehicles—and uses her powers to dissipate the storm. Instead of being thankful, everyone turns on her but Luke comes to the rescue. They find Noah’s glasses but no other trace of him and Luke gets them out of dodge before the stupid people bites the hand that saved them.

On the subject of “saving”, Nathan, our new Master of Time and Space, finds himself in Erica’s lair. Due to Phoebe’s dampening abilities, he can’t use his powers and Ms. Kravid enters and gives him the hard sell on his role in saving what aspects of humanity they can before it’s too late. He wants to see the truth himself and Erica takes him to the future. Nathan is shocked by the wasteland before him; but there is Gateway, the last bastion for the survivors. Though he still doesn’t trust her, Nathan is susceptible to her convincing argument and his lack of information on the past, present or future. But Miko is there as well and, after her conversation with the real Hachiro Otomo, she approaches Nathan, at Otomo’s bequest. She convinces Nathan to follow her and he arrives back into the present, moments before Noah is crushed by a flying car…

The final stop on the ‘Operation: Save/Rescue’ tour is Sunstone Manor. Taylor brings Renee and the other members of Hero

A beaten down Carlos eventually finds the strength to be a hero

Truther there to rescue Micah Saunders but first must gain entry. Her plan to use the resident shape shifter works and they make their way in. Meanwhile, Parkman’s still interrogating Farah Nazan over Malina’s location when he gets the ultimate bargaining chip: Carlos Gutierrez. Apparently Farah’s still in love with Carlos but before she gives up Malina’s destination to save her former lover/squad mate, Parkman’s called away to meet with ‘Erica’. It doesn’t take long for him to catch on to the plan but they drop Parkman before he’s able to take control of the situation. While the shifter searches for Micah’s location on the computer systems, Taylor runs into the now freed Farah and Carlos. The trio meets up with Renee and the others outside to regroup but are they approached by an army of Harris clones. Outnumbered and outgunned, the freedom fighting group split up as the clone army approaches.

Hero Space

  • By now, my lack of enthusiasm for the Heroes revival has been made clear. Again, the driving force behind the show’s inability to maintain a consistency has been the subpar antagonist, Erica Kravid, along with some of the worst clichéd actions and scenarios. Malina outing herself as an Evo during the storm is a perfect example. The cookie-cutter “you’re an Evo/you caused this” reaction was a poor attempt to create drama and a perilous situation for her in which Luke comes to the rescue.
  • But with the bad, I have to be fair and highlight the good/decent. As mentioned in previous recaps, Luke’s been the most interesting character to me. Sure, he allowed his psychopath of a wife to dictate heinous acts he knew were wrong (will he have to pay for those sooner or later?) but the revelation of his Evo powers, on top of throwing in with the white hats, has made for an interesting ride with him.
  • Sadly, Matt Parkman’s turn from the original series was a disappointment and he’s nothing more than a pathetic caricature of what he used to be. Micah, as another former hero, will be interesting to see once he’s free from Erica’s hold.
  • With only 3 episodes left, Heroes: Reborn doesn’t have much time to clean up the mess the first several episodes made—though the last handful have done a pretty decent job redirecting a potential disaster into something, not quite special but respectable.