Get ready to twirl, as DC’s premier female super hero, the legendary Wonder Woman, adopts a brand new costume just shy of three years after debuting a new look during the New 52 launch.  This comes on the heels of reveals of new costumes for Superman and Batman.  (Although I doubt the Batman armor will be permanent.)  Both male heroes have seen their costumes slightly modified over the decades, but Wonder Woman has probably been the most often modified.

Her costume was tweaked over the years, but this is essentially her classic look: a red corset, originally with a golden eagle logo, but later switched to a WW, due to copyright issues; blue star spangled trunks; red boots with white stripes; golden belt and tiara with red star; and her iconic bulletproof bracelets, originally navy blue, later silver.

But she’s had a few– often controversial– redesigns over the years.

Infamously, in the 60s, she dropped her super identity altogether after losing her powers and became a karate chopping, secret agent type who wore a variety of Mod fashions usually colored (or lack thereof) in white.  The change was very unpopular and only lasted a few years.

And perhaps just as infamous was a fairly recent attempt to give her a more modest and practical costume.  Her top was given straps, a black leather jacket that many dubbed too 90s, and black/navy leggings with “footies” (no visible division between the leggings and any sort of boots).  Nearly no one responded kindly to this revision and it only lasted for one storyline.

And most recently she received her New 52 look, which was originally supposed to include navy tights, but at the last minute, DC swapped them out for more traditional briefs, only with just two large stars instead of several small ones.  Her classically red boots became blue and all of the gold aspects of her armor were switched to silver.  Her logo was modified with a more “jagged” feel that merges her original eagle with her WW logo and a star, and a WW choker was added.  Though this costume doesn’t deviate too drastically from her classic look, it suffers from the same unnecessary “fussiness” that a lot of the New 52 redesigns did.

And finally…

Debuting in ‘Wonder Woman’ #41 on June 17th, the Amazing Amazon gets her latest makeover.

The most noticeable change is that she is completely covered up with a blue bodysuit under her uniform.  The trunks are gone, replaced by a loincloth/skirt with hip flaps.  The other big change is the switch from the silver armored pieces to classic gold.  And speaking of her armor, she now has shoulder pads and her bracers (also switched to gold) now feature lethal looking blades.

I understand making Wonder Woman more lethal and dangerous as she is an Amazonian warrior and it seems that most readers and creators only find her interesting when emphasizing that aspect of her character, but I feel like her motivation of love and peace has been drowned out, if not completely snuffed out.  But the idea of giving her a more practical appearance is long overdue and this costume is far better designed than the infamous “pants and jacket” attempt.

What do you think?  Do you like the switch or would you prefer something else?

Source: Den of Geek