Let me just start out with this: this should have in no way been a ‘Justice League of America’ issue.  I’m not sure what the decision making process behind this was, but Deadshot is a member of the Suicide Squad who already have their own comic book.  Other than Amanda Waller’s presence, there is absolutely nothing tying this issue in with JLA.

But beyond that, was it good?  Yes, absolutely.  Deadshot is honestly a character I never knew that much about.  He had a neat costume and all, but he was just something of a mystery.  This issue really fleshed him out, giving him a great and tragic origin and defining his character.  He even does something unthinkable, yet it makes sense within the story.

Matt Kindt wrote this and did an amazing job.  Like I said, this is a character I knew very little about, yet Kindt makes him completely compelling and interesting.

There are two art teams, Sami Basri and Keith Champagne who handle the “present day” portions and Carmen Carnero and Bit who illustrate the flashbacks.  Both teams do a fine job, but for whatever reason, the flashbacks particularly caught my eye.

There are just loads of Easter Eggs here.  Child Deadshot’s father was going to work at the Ace Chemical Factory, which is of course the location where Jack Napier became The Joker.  During a tragic incident, young Floyd Lawton is reading a western novel with the title “Shot Dead.”  There are even references to the Crime Syndicate taking over the world, as seen in the current ‘Forever Evil’ miniseries.  It’s just overall, extremely well-written.

I wasn’t sure what to think of “Villains Month” and although this book doesn’t tie into the regular JLA book at all, it’s still very well written and nicely drawn.  I definitely give this one a thumbs up!



Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Sam Basri & Kieth Champagne and Carmen Carnero & Bit
Cover by Tony Daniel, Matt Banning & Tomeu Morey