Ridley Scott‘s (‘Blade Runner’,’The Martian‘) work on ‘Alien’ is a staple for both horror and science fiction fans but he does have one regret on the franchise. Honestly, his regret makes perfect sense and many share it to an extent. Not everyone may fully agree after ‘Prometheus‘.

So what is this one regret? Scott reveals he “let the other one [Alien] get away from me – I shouldn’t have…” meaning that he regrets that he didn’t continue directing the franchise.

To be fair, I think we can all agree that James Cameron’s action filled ‘Aliens’ was a worthy successor to the original film though every installment after has met with mixed results including the major letdowns of the ‘Alien vs Predator‘ films which, if they had been done right, could have printed money for years to come. (Two words that would have fixed these movies people – Space Marines.)

Now, with how he has incorporated ‘Prometheus’ into the Alien universe, quite a few people are frankly worried about what his plans for ‘Prometheus 2’ will be now now that he has stated it will be set to further include it into the ‘Alien’ universe. With Neill Blomkamp‘s Alien film on hold, it isn’t forgotten as Scott has teased that there will be links to Ellen Ripley in it even though I doubt we’ll be seeing Sigourney Weaver reprise her iconic role until Blomkamp’s is made.

Do you share his regret about the ‘Alien’ franchise’ even though it means we wouldn’t have gotten ‘Aliens’? Are you looking forward to continuing the adventure of Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender’s David in the next ‘Alien’ film? Are you willing to give it the benefit of the doubt that Scott may have learned from his mistakes and seems to be bringing back more ties to the Xenomorphs? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend