For those who have been wanting to know more about the CW’s upcoming ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ you’re going to want to check out the upcoming ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ crossover episodes! Synopses have been released for both of the shows and they are hinting more of the groundwork for their next big series is going to be laid here.

We know that the series plans to follow White Canary, Atom, Firestorm, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman as they work against the time travelling supervillain named Vandal Savage. So how will the episodes lead into things? Well first let me share with you a rather obvious one in the picture that they revealed to go along with the episodes.

See a few familiar ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ faces? Well, if that wasn’t enough to start things off lets take a look at the episode titles. The ‘Flash’ episode is called “Legends of Today” while the ‘Arrow’ episode is called “Legends of Yesterday”. As you can see in the above image both Hawkgirl and Hawkman will also be showing up in this two-part event.

Now onto the nitty gritty. The first episode, “Legends of Today,” will be shown on Tuesday’s ‘The Flash’ and will have the following plot:

In its second major crossover event with ‘Arrow,’ Vandal Savage (guest star Casper Crump) arrives in Central City and sets his sights on Kendra Saunders (guest star Ciara Renée). After Vandal attacks Kendra and Cisco, they turn to Barry for help. Realizing how dangerous Vandal is, Barry takes Kendra to Star City and asks Oliver and team to hide her until he can figure out how to stop Vandal. However, things quickly go from bad to worse when a man with wings AKA Hawkman (guest star Falk Hentschel) shows up and flies off with Kendra. Meanwhile, Harrison develops a serum to make Barry run faster and asks Jay (guest star Teddy Sears) to test it out.

The concluding episode of the crossover, “Legends of Yesterday,” will air the next day on ‘Arrow’:

Oliver and Barry Allen take Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall to a remote location to keep them hidden from Vandal Savage while they figure out how to defeat him. Malcolm arranges a meeting between Vandal, Green Arrow and The Flash that doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Felicity, Thea, Diggle and Laurel work with Team Flash to come up with a weapon powerful enough to destroy Vandal Savage.

Not only will we see some on screen action with Hawkman and potentially Hawkgirl, or at least the groundwork for her introduction, but Vandal Savage himself will be making an appearance!

We’ll see ‘The Flash’ episode, “Legends of Today” airing on The CW on Tuesday, December 1st while the ‘Arrow’ episode, “Legends of Yesterday”, will air a day later, on December 2nd.

Source: Screen Rant