Ironically, after seeing John Constantine appear on ‘Arrow‘ last week (in the episode ‘Haunted‘) to help bring back Sara Lance’s soul and restore her life, it seems fans of ‘Constantine’ are now trying to use that appearance to springboard a resurrection of the show where Matt Ryan first played the iconic character.

It seems that fans have launched a “Save Constantine” petition, shooting for 35,000 signatures and intending to present the finished petition to networks that might be interested in bringing back the show, including ‘Arrow’s’ home network of the CW, and NBC sister network USA. The real question is whether 35,000 signatures is even close to being enough, especially when last year when the show was in trouble a similar petition went around and garnered some 30,000 signatures before being ultimately ignored by the network.

Plus, at this point the show has been dead for a considerable amount of time, and getting the entire cast and crew back together might be difficult, even though star Matt Ryan seems like he would be game for it. In his words:

“But as I said, this character has been so enjoyable to play that it’s something that I would jump into at any time, to be honest with you.”

While it is true that John Constantine’s appearance on ‘Arrow’ was very well received and garnered very high ratings numbers for the series, other networks might not be as willing to give ‘Constantine’ a chance, as its finale last February only had about 3.13 million viewers, not nearly the kind of ratings that networks need from shows nowadays to keep them on the air. Still, if someone was willing to give the show a chance, the rabid fanbase might be enough to keep it around for a couple of years, and by then merchandizing and syndication rights might be enough to make the show profitable (and thereby worth it) for a network.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for John Constantine, and even if the end result of all of this is just to get the man to appear on ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ a few more times, that is better than nothing.