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With The Governor long gone, ‘The Walking Dead‘ has cast the one villain from the comics who was an even more vile and fans have been eagerly waiting to see on screen. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (‘Watchmen’,’The Good Wife’) is going to be playing the one man who drops F bombs in every other scene and I’ll be surprised if they don’t cut his on screen time just from removing dialogue. This will have an even more significant part to play in the series assuming Glenn survives his current ordeal as the two have quite the painful confrontation in the comic books.

In the comics Negan runs a group known as The Saviors and we are introduced to him right as we find out that multiple communities outside of Alexandria exist. Negan bills himself as the person keeping each community safe but is using brute force to extort them all for both women and supplies. His weapon of choice is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire named Lucille which he can regularly be seen talking to.

On the series we’ll see Morgan only join the show as a guest star this season while being upped to a series regular in the seventh season. My guess is we’ll see him introduced in nearly the same brutal way that he was in the comics which will leave many viewers quite in shock if they don’t know what to expect. During the casting process the character went under the codename of “Orin” and other contenders for the role included Timothy Olyphant, Matt Dillon, and Garret Dillahunt.

With Tom Payne having previously been cast as Paul “Jesus” Monroe, it was expected that we would hear about Negan soon and that this would lead into the next season of the series. While the show has deviated from the comics over the years, the big plot points are about to match up timeline wise and one can expect that in another two to three season at the most we’ll see the series have to completely start on new source material.

Are you looking forward to Negan’s introduction to the group? Do you think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the right pick for the worst example of humanity that the series will bring us to date? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter