‘American Horror Story’ creator Ryan Murphy previously announced that every season of the hit anthology series will be connected and last season, ‘Freak Show’ began to explore that, when the character Pepper (played by Naomi Grossman) from season two, ‘Asylum’ appeared in a story set many years prior.  Then Sister Eunice (Lily Rabe) popped up explaining how Pepper went from a sideshow attraction to a fixture at Briarcliff Manor.

Expect more familiar faces from past seasons to put in an appearance at the Hotel Cortez and the parade has already begun as realtor Marcy (Christine Eastabrook, right) recently sauntered in to give new owner fashion mogul Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) a tour of his freshly acquired business/residence.  (Note to self, never buy a property from this lady!)

Marcy was a character from the first season, ‘Murder House’ but she won’t be the last to appear in this one.  The scariest ghoul from the first installment will play an important role in the current storyline: Thaddeus a.k.a. The Infantata!

To flash back to the very first chapter of ‘American Horror Story’, Thaddeus (the late Benjamin Woolf, who also played the doomed Meep in ‘Freak Show’) was the son of Charles and Nora Montgomery.  Charles (Matt Ross) made a living performing secret abortions in the basement of the titular abode.  Once the boyfriend of one of the abortion patients found about what Montgomery had done, he kidnapped Thaddeus, killed him and sent Charles his body, chopped into pieces and placed in jars.  Charles stitched the pieces back together, inadvertently creating the Infanta, a Frankenstein-like creature who survives on blood, preferably human blood.

Who else survives on blood?  The Countess (Lady Gaga) and her vampiric brood.  Though ‘Hotel’ takes place in the present, The Countess is practically immortal and was recently revealed to have been a silent film actress in the 1920s.  Recently revealed set photos depict The Countess pregnant and standing in front of the ‘Murder House’, the implication being that she paid a visit to Charles to take care of her condition.  Matt Ross is already confirmed to be reprising his role of Charles, so that all fits together.

Clearly, somehow The Infantata’s need to consume blood could easily be related to The Countess’.  Exactly how will have to be spelled out once this backstory is detailed on the show.

Sadly, actor Woolf was killed after being struck by a car earlier this year.  He was only 34 year-old.  As icky as it would be to have to recast the role of Thaddeus/The Infantata, the fact is that the monster was largely the product of makeup and prosthetics, so another actor could assume the role with little notice.

Are you excited that The Infantata will factor into ‘Hotel’?  Or are you dreading this grotesque creature’s return?

Source: Cinema Blend