Wayward Sisters

The CW has chosen not to pick up a series called ‘Wayward Sisters’ based on a group of supporting characters from their long-running flagship hit ‘Supernatural’.  The spinoff would have focused on Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) and the young women in their care, Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen), Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton), Patience Turner (Clark Backo) and newcomer Kaia Nieves (Yadira Guevara-Prip).  All of the young girls were orphaned by supernatural causes and under Jody’s supervision, would emerge as a crack monster-fighting force.  (Patience is the granddaughter of favorite Missouri Moseley and inherited her psychic powers.)  The tenth episode of ‘Supernatural”s current thirteenth season was a backdoor pilot for the new series and aired on January 18.

Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, The CW has opted not to grant this female-fronted concept its own series.  Co-creator Andrew Dabb made the disappointing announcement via Twitter:

Of course, just because ‘Wayward Sisters’ won’t progress as its own show, the characters will most likely resurface on ‘Supernatural’ in the future.

Rhodes also took to Twitter to share her reaction to this news, but she made a point of saying that she was not wallowing in pain, but rather urged fans to remain strong:

The rest of the cast also urged fans to move on and expect more from the ‘Wayward Sisters’ er, ‘Daughters’ in the future.

True, the characters are certain to pop up again on ‘Supernatural’, but it could have been really cool to see this group of female powerhouses slaying creatures on their own.  It’s possible that The CW passed because it is picking up the ‘Charmed’ reboot which is also female-led and supernatural in nature.

This is the second time the creators have tried to create a spinoff, which has been shot down.  In 2014, they attempted to launch an urban Chicago-based series ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’ which was also aired as a backdoor pilot but was also not picked up by The CW.

Were you a fan of the ‘Wayward Sisters’ concept?  Are you disappointed that The CW passed on a series?

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