If there were a list of toy companies that keep blasting out some of the best quality merchandise based on all of our favorite brands, NECA would most certainly be placed very highly towards to top of that list (if not at THE top spot). This year at New York Toy Fair 2015, NECA has thrown caution to the wind and revealed a veritable cornucopia of amazing new toys and other products based on some of the hottest licensed properties out there like ‘Pacific Rim,’ ‘ALIEN,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ’Halo,’ and even ‘Gremlins’! Here’s a look at some of our favorites!

NECA is no stranger to quarter scale figures, having produced quite a few of them in recent years, but this next one truly is one of the nicest they’ve ever done in our opinion. NECA’s all new ¼ Scale figure of Christopher Reeves Superman! Based on the characters appearance in the 1978 classic ‘Superman’ film, this figure is one of the most definitive renditions of the character we’ve ever seen! The release from NECA is below:

We still believe a man can fly… Decades after its release, Christopher Reeve’s iconic portrayal of Superman in the 1978 movie remains the definitive version. Working closely with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Warner Bros, we are deeply honored to present this new 1/4 scale action figure of the hero as generations have known him.

Superman stands over 18” tall and features the authorized likeness of Christopher Reeve. The figure comes with a tailored soft fabric cape and interchangeable hands. Highly poseable and movie-accurate, this is a must-have for fans of every age.

Next up is the next big thing from NECA’s ‘ALIENS’ line, the long awaited Power Loader vehicle! While not technically a vehicle, it’s scaled and sized for most 8” scale figures to fit into it (although we’re sure you’d probably want to throw a NECA Ellen Ripley figure in there). Now the figures in display can actually face the NECA Alien Xenomorph Queen figure properly! The full release from NECA is below, accompanied by some additional shots of the Power Loader and some of the figures from the upcoming wave of ’ALIEN’ figures as seen in NECA’s showroom at Toy Fair 2015*!

From the thrilling 1986 movie Aliens!

Whether you’re loading heavy ordnance or fighting a terrifying alien queen, the Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader has the extra muscle you need to get the job done. Now the iconic exoskeleton used so skillfully by Lt. Ripley is available as a Deluxe Vehicle that fits most 6.5-7” action figures.

NECA’s Power Loader P-5000 Deluxe Vehicle stands over 11” tall and features more than 30 points of articulation (including fully articulated arms and legs), 20 wires and hoses, working pistons and exceptional detail. Figures sold separately.

Then of course we’ve got one of the coolest items they announced at the convention, this life-sized wearable Master Chief Helmet from the ‘Halo’ video game series! While helmets that are similar to this one have been produced before, this is the first officially licensed Master Chief helmet that has been made to the proper safety standards to be a street-legal motorcycle helmet! The full release from NECA is below with all of the details!

From the award-winning Halo video games, this detailed replica of Master Chief’s headgear is also a DOT-approved modular motorcycle helmet! Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is a central figure at the forefront of the war against the Covenant and rumored to be the lone survivor of the declassified SPARTAN-II project. This limited edition helmet has a convenient modular design with glove-friendly opening mechanism and full list of features.

Exterior Features:
•Convenient modular design
•ABS shell with matte UV-protective clear coat
•Front air intakes reduce shield fogging; rear exhaust vents keep head cool and dry
•Reflective shield with UV protection
•Double D-ring nylon chin strap with snap secure
•Game-authentic deco

Interior Features:
•Contoured center pad with a design that allows heat to dissipate from the top of the scalp
•Dual-layer EPS cheek pads for a firm, comfortable fit
•Center pad and cheek pads are removable and washable
•Soft, moisture-wicking material
•Eyeglasses friendly interior

Additional Features:
•Meets or exceeds DOT standards (FMVSS 49 CFR 571.218)
•Nylon drawstring helmet bag included
•Available in S (55-56 cm), M (57-58 cm), L (59-60 cm), XL (61-62 cm)
•Limited edition

Beyond the official press releases and images from NECA, a ton of information and sneak peeks have been revealed thanks to the crew over at Toy News International, who were on scene to get shots of a ton of NECA’s cool new stuff! They’ve got a full gallery of photos from the NECA Showroom, but here are some of our favorites!

While we mentioned the Power Loader up above, we didn’t get a chance to show off the upcoming figures from NECA’s ‘ALIEN’ Series 4 like Dallas, and two all new versions of Ripley! Did we mention the new 8-Bit Dog Alien too? These all look fantastic!

Straight from the second and third acts of ‘Pacific Rim’, we’ve got acid-spitting Otachi and battle-damaged Gypsy Danger! These two are part of Series 6 of NECA’s ongoing ‘Pacific Rim’ line. These guys look great, and hopefully won’t be the last we see of ‘Pacific Rim‘ from NECA!

NECA is also showing off the new ‘Predator’ Series 13 figures! While official character names are not available at this time, these look fantastic! It looks like NECA is backtracking a bit here to come up with some new variations on the ‘Berserker’ Predator’s as seen in the more recent ‘Predators’ film! These guys are a little bigger than standard Predators are, but they look fantastic!

If ‘Predator’ Series 13 isn’t enough for you and you want something a little bit different, maybe these three will do it for you? These three all new sculpts are based on the character designs used for the ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ film, and are NECA’s first take on these versions of the Predators.

Just in case you can’t get enough of NECA’s ‘Predator’ figures, they also have two very special Predators heading our way this year! Beyond their usual ‘Predator’ line, NECA also has a special 8-Bit version of their previously released ‘City Hunter’ Predator coming out later this year! Plus to celebrate 25 Years of ‘Predator’ comics being published at Dark Horse Comics, NECA is releasing a special 25th Anniversary Predator figure done up in comic book style colors to replicate the look of the Predator as seen on the cover of ‘Predator’ #1!

Keeping up the trend of their re-releasing some of their classic figures in new 8-Bit video game color schemes, NECA is planning to release this new 8-Bit Gremlin figure later this year as well! His figure is based on the Gremlins as seen in the NES game for ‘Gremlins 2: The New Batch’.

NECA also used Toy Fair as a prime chance to show off some of the recent figures in their ‘Planet Of The Apes Classic’ line! Here we can see a whole Ape village as seen in the original films, including the Lawgiver Statue!

And how could we leave out one of the largest items at the NECA Showroom this year, the life size foam Rocket Raccoon figure from last summer’s biggest blockbuster ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’! This guy looks amazing!

It looks like NECA has a lot of really phenomenal product planned for us this year, and these figures are just the tip of the iceberg! Who knows what else they’ll have ins tore for us over the next 12 months between now and Toy Fair 2016? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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