When Guillermo del Toro (‘Pacific Rim‘,’Hellboy‘) is on Twitter he talks about his favorite things and a recent tweet has him wanting to make an adaptation of ‘Pet Sematary‘. Now I’m going to not get ahead of myself and first say that this is only something he would like to do and secondly that del Toro already has a huge pile of projects on his plate so adding another movie in doesn’t seem too realistic at this time.

That being said, it’s nice to dream of what a proper adaptation of Stephen King‘s 1983 masterpiece could be like. It should be pointed that a remake is supposedly in the works but the last thing we heard about it was 2 years ago when Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was attached to direct. For those unfamiliar with the novel, King was actually too disturbed by it to have it published until he needed a book to get out of a contract and just sent it in. Thankfully for horror fans everywhere this very unsettling masterpiece was able to see the light of day.

In it we follow the Creed family who has just moved into a perfect new house in Maine. If you can call the wooded area by their house where the dead will come back to life as a dark and twisted version of their former self perfect. Things spiral from bad to worse in one of the most gripping tales the master of horror has ever written and I’d love to see someone who could capture the sheer darkness of it as del Toro could.

You can check out the tweet below:

Now anyone who sees me writing on reboots here knows that as a rule I generally tend to be against them, this is going to be one of the exceptions. While the original ‘Pet Sematary’ wasn’t bad, it is both dated and didn’t properly do the novel the justice that it could have. Add into the fact that I’ve loved every film del Toro has done to date has me curious. The true reason I would love to see this happen is that the slow burn he did with ‘Crimson Peak,’ which didn’t resonate with everyone but was one I enjoyed, shows that he can deliver the proper mood for ‘Pet Sematary’.

Would you love to see a take on “Pet Sematary’ by Guillermo del Toro? Is this a reboot you could get behind or are you too sick of them to even consider it? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film