After months of teasing and a Super Bowl trailer that left more questions than answers, Disney has finally released a new video that really shows the potential of the movie ‘Tomorrowland.’

In the film, Bitt Robertson plays Casey, a bright optimistic teen who seems to be travelling on the wrong path. Her curiosity and a strange pin leads her to former boy-genius Frank (played by George Clooney) who shows her a new dimension of space and time called “Tomorrowland.” Here they get caught up on a mission where what they must do there will change their world and themselves forever.

The film holds a lot of promise, not only because it’s from Disney, but the screenplay is by both director Brad Bird (‘The Incredibles,’ ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’) and Damon Lindelof (‘Prometheus’, ‘Lost’). In a time where reboots, remakes and superhero films are dominating the big budget arena, it is exciting to see something original come to the big screen.

The trailer premiered earlier today after a Facebook Q&A session with Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof which you can read after the trailer below!

The word “Tomorrowland” always reminds me of the older generation of science fiction, and the technology of the 1950’s. How inspired were you by old science fiction ideas about where humanity would be in the future?

Brad Bird: I was not inspired by old science fiction as much as I was inspired by how the future used to be seen in contrast to how it’s seen today.

Damon Lindelof:  You’re SMART, Brad Bird!!!

I love movies about secret & hard to reach powerful McGuffins & this is fascinating in that Tomorrowland is uncovering long hidden Disney secrets & McGuffins. Is there a special inspiration in finding & then bringing to the screen a level of creative secrets that can’t usually be found on the surface of a produced story that requires extra digging & searching?

Damon Lindelof: I apologize for answering with a frowny face. BUT… One of our inspirations was all the hidden Mickeys in the parks… the idea that the Imagineers themselves want to reward the super fans is something we really plugged into!

Do you think the movie as a one time thing or more like a series?  Kind of like Harry Potter and Hogwarts?

Brad Bird: I try to see each movie as a standalone thing but the world the movie inhabits as something much larger.

If you could make one invention a reality today, what would that be?

Damon Lindelof:  I gotta go with teleportation. Traffic in L.A. was ruthless this morning.

Will we see any Disney characters in the movie?

Damon Lindelof: If you look REALLY carefully, you’ll see The White Rabbit from ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THE BIG BAD WOLF from THREE LITTLE PIGS!

For the full Q&A session, head over to the Walt Disney Pictures Facebook page!

Directed by Brad Bird, ‘Tomorrowland’ stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson and will be in theaters on May 22.