Well, with an official trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ set to be released during tonight’s Monday Night Football, not to mention the official poster being released, it seems we are finally in full swing ‘Star Wars’ episode 7 hype mode, and it is no surprise to see the Lucasfilm marketing team so amped up that they are releasing teasers for the trailer. Not even the movie, just the highly anticipated trailer that they have waited so long to release.

The first teaser comes from John Boyega’s Instagram, where we see a shot reminiscent of the famous twin sunset shot from ‘Star Wars: A New Hope,’ with his character Finn in the foreground and a recently discarded parachute fluttering in the background. The second teaser is a brief moment (almost looking like a pre-battle preparation scene akin to when the Rebel pilots were jumping aboard X-Wings to take down the first Death Star in ‘A New Hope’) where Finn and Poe exchange a quick greeting before moving on. I believe that is some recognition here, so it is n0t their first meeting, but to my eye it looks a little tense, almost as though they are not sure whether this will be the last time they see each other. Based on the new Death Star shown in the poster, maybe they are all heading out to take it on and Finn and Poe are truly unsure of who will survive. The final little teaser is a just a shot of BB-8 rolling along, which seems to just be an extension of a shot we’ve already seen with the little droid.

Check out all of the teasers below, and then share your thoughts and your excitement for the upcoming trailer and film down in the comments below!

Get ready.

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Source: Comic Book Movie