Screenwriter Max Landis (‘American Ultra,’ ‘Chronicle’) is an undisputed comic fan and expert in the field.  Now he’s getting another chance to play in the DC sandbox, although not in a feature film.  Landis has penned a new miniseries for DC Comics called ‘Superman: American Alien’ which revisits the Man of Steel’s origin.  (Hey, did you know Superman was from another world called Krypton?  And that he was raised by a kind farm couple in Smallville?)  Although this is familiar terrain to anyone who has ever read a comic book– a a huge number of those that haven’t– Landis promises to bring a fresh, modern approach to the famous tale.

The miniseries pairs Landis’ script with art by a who’s who of prominent artists, including Jock, Francis Manapul and Jae Lee.  The first issue is illustrated by Nick Dragotta (‘Fantastic Four’).

Landis’ miniseries will focus on Clark Kent’s teen years (‘Smallville’, jussayin’) in a story that will range from “heartwarming and simple to frighteningly gritty and violent to sexy, sun-kissed and funny.”

Any fears that this is all old hat may be put to rest with this preview that samples the first five pages of the first issue.  Yes, Superman’s origin has been told and retold ad nauseum and has been explored from every angle you can think of, but Landis does manage to bring a degree of freshness to it as Clark– and his mother Martha– discovers his new ability to fly.

You can read the first five pages and view two alternate covers, one by Dragotta and colorist Alex Guimarães and one by Ryan Sook, below:

Landis previously enjoyed a stint writing ‘The Adventures of Superman’ so this isn’t his first chance to bring something to the world of Superman’s comic books.  Will his Hollywood pedigree help add freshness to this often-told tale?

Will you be checking out ‘Superman: American Alien’ when it hits stands on November 11?

Source: Blastr