Great Britain holds many distinctions, but one of their most notable in modern times is the birth of possibly the greatest rock band of all time The Spice Girls The Beatles.  Rarely, if ever, has a band had so feverish a following that examined everything they did with a fine tooth comb (and lots of drugs) and the single most scrutinized conspiracy in their history was the cover of their ‘Abbey Road’ album.

The ‘Abbey Road’ cover (well… all Beatles album covers, really) has been replicated countless times in tribute, and recently, another great British institution joined the list, ‘Doctor Who’.

The BBC tweeted this seemingly innocent photo of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and current companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) as well as two Daleks reenacting the pose:


The original cover, depicting the four Beatles walking across the title avenue, seems simple at first.  But this fairly vanilla cover is believed to hold a macabre secret– one of these four men was actually DEAD when this picture was taken!  The person in question was Paul McCartney, the third man in line, second from the left.  (For the younger folks, Paul was “the cute one” kind of like the Harry Styles of the group.)

How did the hippies of the sixties come to realize this?  Why it’s all there in the photo.  Their garb and positions were meant to replicate a funeral procession.  John Lennon, the first pedestrian, dressed in all heavenly white, is meant to represent the priest.  Behind him is Ringo Starr, dressed in black– the undertaker.  Bringing up the rear is George Harrison in casual denim, meant to signify the gravedigger waiting for the funeral to end so he can complete his job.

And then there’s Paul, third in line representing the deceased in question.  The reasoning for this is that he is barefoot and that is how people were buried.  (Wait, what?)

But there’s more.

In the background is a Volkswagen Beetle with the license plate “LMW 28IF.”  What does that mean?  Well, LM are the initials of Paul’s wife/widow Linda McCartney and fans guessed that the W stood for “weeping” as in mourning his loss.  And the “28IF” meant that Paul, IF he lived, would now be 28 years old!

Some still hold that this was true and that Paul was simply replaced with a lookalike.  That would explain how one of the greatest singers and songwriters of our time churned out that goddamn terrible ‘Wonderful Christmastime” ditty we’re all beaten over the head with every November until the end of the year.

So is it true?  Did Paul really die back in 1967?  That’s up to you to decide, but how does this pertain to ‘Doctor Who’?

For starters, Jenna Coleman has announced that she is officially leaving the show at the end of this season.  That shouldn’t be too huge a surprise.  Those companions don’t stick around forever.  But fans hoping that she would go off quietly and happily into the sunset may be in for a terrible shock.

First thing’s first, Clara is standing– barefoot and all– in the Paul spot.  The Doctor is in John’s place and like Lennon, is dressed to the nines.

Coleman even seems stress the fact that she is barefoot like Paul, as she is pointing at them.

Once again, the Beetle is the kicker.

In the background is a similar vehicle with a similar license plate, but this one reads “DWW 29IF”.  Translation: “Doctor Who Weeps” and Clara would be “29 If” she lived.  Coleman is turning 29 soon, the same age as her character!  Her poor dead character!

R.I.P. Clara!

So there you have it!  Undeniable proof that The Doctor’s most recent companion is toast by the end of the season.

Or this could just be as much of a stretch as it was back in 1967.

Do you buy this theory?  Did the BBC secretly spoil this twist?  Or is this just a stunt to fan the flames of controversy?

After all, Paul is actually alive.  (Or is he?  If he lived, how do you explain “Wonderful Christmastime?”)

Source: Radio Times