With the ‘Transformers‘ now being 30 years old it seems like as good of a time as any to find out that a new animated feature film is in the works! While the live action franchise keeps blowing it up at the box office it seems that the studios want to return the animated versions back to the big screen. The script is being worked on by Andrew Barrier and Gabriel Ferrari who just collaborated on ‘Ant-Man.’

While the live action films have been more about humanity this is going to be a step back and throw the Transformers directly into the spotlight. One might wonder if it would be based off of any of the previous television shows it sounds like we’re going to be getting an origin story that puts Cybertron front and center. That doesn’t rule it out as being a prequel to the current set of films or any of the television shows but it would seem to be a great time to start fresh with a focus on the Transformers themselves.

Chances are we won’t even see Earth mentioned unless the film is a Civil War concept that ends with Optimus Prime leading the Autobots to Earth for salvation from the Decepticons.

While there hasn’t been an animated movie since 1986 when we all rocked out to Stan Bush’s ‘The Touch’, this all came from a writers meeting where various ideas were pitched to Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Paramount, Hasbro, and others involved in the decision making process. It seems the ladies and gentlemen who hold the keys to the Transformers kingdom realize that if they are going to be selling toys that they need toys the audience can relate to.

Visually though I think they really need to go the direction of the cell shading that the ‘Transformers: Devastation’ video game is taking advantage of:

With how amazing that looks I can’t even imagine the visuals from a full movie being done in that style.

Are you looking forward to the Transformers getting back to their animated roots on the big screen? Do you think this new movie will tie in with the live action films, the cartoons, or be a new stand alone series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend