One of the biggest moments in 2015 for fans of the MCU was the news of the agreement between Sony and Marvel in regards to the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise, as it meant we could finally see the wall-crawler join his compatriots in a sprawling cinematic universe. After casting and news of his involvement in not only his own stand-alone movie but also in ‘Captain America: Civil War,‘ fans have been in a frenzy to see how Peter Parker is going to work alongside Avengers like Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. Recently, there has been much discussion about how Spider-Man is going to look in the MCU, with the Russo brothers dropping some tantalizing hints in  an interview on the SA NA Youtube page. From what they discuss, they sound like designing the Spidey costume was going to be similar to how they gave Captain America’s suit an upgrade in ‘Winter Solider,‘ making it a feel a bit more down to earth and gritty. Check out the quote below:

“It is a new costume We were trying to pull forward the work that we had done in Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Cap. So, the innovations that we made to his costume in that form are very much the tonal texture that we are pulling forward. Civil War is very much connected and rooted in The Winter Soldier. So, as far as the specifics of the costume, we don’t want to give too much away, but it is a new costume slightly different from what you’ve seen before. And it’s grounded in that Winter Soldier tone.”

Now do not get me wrong, I really like the Russo brothers and everything they have done with Captain America, but I hope they do not change the Spider-Man costume too much here. What he wears is iconic, and changes just for the sake of being “different” do not always work out (remember the strange Spider-Man costume worn by Andrew Garfield in the first ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ film? I do, and I hated the elongated spider in the back, and the strange sneaker-looking boots he wore).

What are your thoughts on changing up Spider-Man’s costume? Do you have faith in the Russos and the creative forces behind the MCU to know what they are doing and deliver something spectacular? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend