More ‘Daredevil‘ news unveiled today thanks to ‘Daredevil’s’ Twitter page, it seems that old man Stick will be returning to ‘Daredevil’ for its sophomore season, promising more heart-wrenching moments for Matt Murdock. For those unaware of who Stick is, or what place he had in the mythology of season 1 of ‘Daredevil,’ shortly after Matt is left a blind orphan, he is approached by Stick, who is also blind, who promises to teach the kid how to fight and survive despite what some may call his ‘handicap.’ Stick is the one who really opens up the world to Murdock, and teaches him the basics of fighting and survival. Only problem is that Stick is a hard-ass who hates attachments, which is exactly what Murdock became, especially when the kid made him a paper friendship bracelet. Which of course makes the Twitter announcement of his return all the more heartbreaking, based on the picture provided. (check out the Tweet below):

When we last saw Stick in Season 1, he had returned to Hell’s Kitchen to assassinate a dangerous weapon, which also happened to be a child recently smuggled into the harbor. Murdock, recently having taking the mantle of Daredevil, joined his mentor in his quest, though making Stick promise not to kill anyone, and completely unaware that the end-goal was the death of the child. After Stick completes his mission, he and Murdock come to blows, with Stick leaving Matt pretty banged up when he leaves town, and calling his former protege “soft.” What role Stick will have in Season 2 is anyone’s guess, but it is sure to be an intense meeting with Matt, especially after how they left things.

What are your thoughts on the return of Stick? Does Season 2 seems like its already getting to be overly full of characters, since Fisk will be returning, as will Claire, Foggy, and Karen, and with the additions of the Punisher and Elektra? Let us know your opinions below!

Source: Collider