SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses SPOILERS for Season Two of ‘Gotham’.  Turn back if you want to avoid them!

As revealed, a new crime boss is arriving in ‘Gotham’ in season two, James Frain as Theo Galavan.  On of his first acts of terror is freeing a gang of criminals from Arkham Asylum, including Cameron Monaghan‘s Jerome Valeska, the criminal who is believed to one day become The Joker.  Galavan’s new mob will be called the Maniax and it’s possible that one of their first acts will be particularly deplorable.  Word is that the first season of ‘Gotham’ will kick off with TWO deaths!

Here is what TV Guide teased:

Let’s just say that one of the deaths is so sudden and unexpected, it caught us completely off-guard. The other, meanwhile, rocks an already reeling James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) to the core and will serve as a motivating force for him all season long.

So it appears that ‘Gotham’ Season Two is kicking off with a one two punch, killing off two characters.  First, the fact that they are even announcing this means that these are two somewhat important deaths and not just bit players.  But then again, this is a prequel series that sets up the modern reality of Batman, so that means that the characters that have modern comic counterparts, like The Penguin and The Riddler are safe.

The first could be just about anybody but at least we know that it takes place early on.

As far as the second, the most obvious guess is Barbara, his estranged girlfriend who became unhinged last season.  She may be part of the escape from Arkham only to get killed in the process.  True, the character still exists in the comics, but the TV version varies greatly from the comic version.

Then again, maybe the show will really catch viewers off-guard and kill a character that is/was still alive in the comics.

What do you think?  Who do you think won’t make it to episode two?

Source: TV Guide