It seems as if these days implementing Easter eggs in comic book movies and TV shows is almost as essential as the plot itself. However, it doesn’t mean that spotting an Easter egg can’t give you a quick jolt of excitement.

In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Joss Whedon included an Easter egg that would please many fans of ‘Angel’.

During the scene when Thor hallucinates and thinks he’s in Asgard, three people are featured wearing wolf, ram and hart masks.

Take a look:

As many ‘Angel’ fans know, the Wolf, Ram and Hart were ancient demons that became modern day demons in the form of a Los Angeles-based law firm called Wolfram & Hart.

What other Easter eggs did you spot? Here’s a video of all of the Easter eggs and references in ‘Age of Ultron’ from Mr. Sunday Movies. It’s pretty comprehensive, although he did seem to miss the ‘Angel’ reference.

Source: Screencrush