As some may know, Legendary Pictures left Warner Bros last year to partner up with Universal, ending a long relationship with Warner Bros. However, it seems they may be rejoining their former colleagues now, as they attempt to get their ducks in a row to eventually make a ‘Godzilla’/ ‘King Kong’ movie. As it is now, King Kong is in the public domain, which is why Legendary was working with Universal to create the movie ‘Kong: Skull Island,’ a film which will come out long before the monster cross-over movie. However, the ‘Godzilla‘ rights rest with Warner Bros, which is why Legendary is returning to their old studio, in order to ensure they can have access to both characters for a potential massive monster movie in the future. Of course at the moment Warner Bros is already developing a sequel to ‘Godzilla,’ which will already have the massive fire-breathing lizard battling an array of enemies such as Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah, but everyone knows the two most popular cinema “monsters” are Kong and Godzilla, so it was only a matter of time until the studio starting figuring out they were going to get the two on screen together.

The biggest issue at the moment? Size. Godzilla in his current incarnation is absolutely MASSIVE, way bigger than anything we have seen before, and the most recent version of Kong was just a giant gorilla, but not to the gargantuan proportions of Godzilla. In order for them to be able to fight in a manner that studio execs will want, they will have to find a way to grow Kong to epic proportions and increase his strength, otherwise Godzilla will quite literally be able to walk all over him.

What are your thoughts on a new ‘King Kong vs Godzilla’ movie in the future? If it is coming from Warner Bros, will it get the full name ‘Kong V Godzilla: Dawn of Jugggernauts’ ? Share your opinions below!

Source: Deadline