Task Force X, better known as the ‘Suicide Squad’ is a covert program in which super villains are released from prison in order to utilize their special skills and powers in the service of the US government, which usually involves black ops missions from which they may not return.

But the biggest mystery surrounding the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie is what is this mysterious threat which causes the government, under the guidance of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to implement this plan.  What is the threat that would drive those in power to turn to these loose cannons?  Speculation has run rampant?  Is it The Joker (Jared Leto) who has been the major focus of scrutiny?  Or in a twist, is it Ben Affleck‘s renegade Batman?

So much about this movie is still unknown.  Scott Eastwood has a prominent role, but no one seems to know what it is.  (He had previously been rumored to be playing Steve Trevor, which has been disproved.  He may be playing Deathstroke… maybe.)  Could he be playing a big bad?

We don’t know, but the latest rumor is that the real threat is someone that most assumed was part of the team, The Enchantress.

Model Cara Delevigne plays June Moone, a schizophrenic whose dark alternate personality is the magical Enchantress, a chaotic sorceress who has long been a member of the comic book team, but who has, from the start, been kept on a short leash as she tends to get out of control when the magic starts coursing through her.

Eagle-eyed viewers have dissected the ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer and have noticed that although Delevigne’s Enchantress is shown, she is NOT depicted alongside the group.  Her enigmatic clips show her submerged in water and exploring a mysterious cave, clips which could mean anything at this early point, although the rumor is that she is attempting to resurrect her deceased brother.  (This would be something original to the movie, as this storyline has not appeared in the comics.)

Watch this video which supports the idea that Enchantress may be the actual villain of the film.

Now check out the trailer again for yourself.  Notice that when one person says “There are rumors that some of them have powers” the scene cuts to Delevigne exploring the mysterious cave.  Another possible hint!

The Enchantress would be the most powerful character in  this film, if she matches her comic book source.  That would make it understandable for the government to have to turn to such a drastic measure as sending convicted criminals against her.  What doesn’t really make sense is how characters like Batman and The Joker fit.

What do you think?  Should The Enchantress be the Big Bad in ‘Suicide Squad’?

Source: Cinema Blend