Ever since Oliver Queen mentioned to John Diggle at the end of Season 3 of ‘Arrow‘ that he should get a costume if he was going to continue to be a vigilante, fans have been speculating on what costumed identity John Diggle might take up during ‘Arrow’s’ 4th season. When the reveal came out that Diggle was not going to be joining the Green Lantern corp and would instead be running around in a black biker outfit with a knock-off Magneto helmet, fans were understandably confused and not too happy about the creative choices. However, seemingly in answer to the fan reaction, DC has released more promotional imagery of John Diggle in his new costume, including the helmet, to help quell the naysayers saying the design was a huge mistake. When seen in the new imagery, I must admit the costume itself does look a lot better, and the helmet makes a lot more sense now that it is clear that there is a visor included to help conceal Dig’s identity, as before it was blatantly clear who exactly it was behind the mask.  Check out the new images below!

Yet even with the new promo images though, I am still not completely sold on the new costume. It just seems a little plain (minus the Magneto helmet), and I cannot help but wonder if this is merely temporary, as if they are about to unveil a new heroic identity for Diggle, and this whole costume business is a huge red herring to throw the fans off. I’m just speculating, but maybe the fans got a little too close with their Green Lantern theories, and this is the show’s way of keeping us off track? Of course, if you were to believe that theory, you might be in for a huge disappointment if you spend the season waiting for Diggle to ditch the helmet and find a green power ring, but it is fun to image the possibilities.

What are your thoughts on Diggle’s new costume? Is it permanent? Do you want it to be permanent? Share your opinions below!