It’s no rarity to see beautiful, scantily clad female victims running (and tripping) for their lives in traditional low-budget horror flicks, but in the age of ‘Magic Mike’ isn’t it about time someone turned the tables and showcased some hunky, scantily clad men in peril?  That seems to be the mission behind ‘Vampire Strippers Must Die!’ a new spoof from indie director Keith Hartman.  (NOTE: Despite the comparable film quality, this is NOT a porn parody.  There doesn’t appear to be any full nudity.)

Hartman has gained many accolades in his relatively short career.  With his first two movies, ‘You Should Meet My Son’ and ‘Real Heroes’, he won the ‘Best Picture’ honor at nine film festivals, as well as ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Screenplay’ and several ‘Best Actor’ awards.  Even though ‘Vampire Strippers Must Die!’ hasn’t been completed, it has already won first place at the New York Gay & Lesbian Film Festival’s screenplay competition.  The movie’s costume designer has won ‘Best In Show’ at Sand Diego Comic Con four times!  (But, how hard is it to design underwear?)

Hartman has begun an IndieGoGo campaign in help make his horror/hunk comedy a reality.  His ultimate goal is $125, 000 and donations begin at just $5.

This is the film’s official description:

While the [Chippendales] perform in London, Paris, and Milan, the men of OVERNIGHT MALE are stuck playing low rent beer bars in Bulgaria. And after six weeks on tour, everyone is getting cranky. The straight strippers and the gay strippers are ready to kill each other, and the only thing holding the group together is their geeky and resourceful tour manager, Jake.  No matter what Eastern Europe throws at them, Jake’s been able to handle it: aggressive fans, thieving bar owners, broken buses, and even the occasional need for bail money.

Vampires, though?  That’s a new one…

‘Vampire Strippers Must Die!’ is a zany comedy about a group of American male strippers on tour in Eastern Europe who are forced to battle an army of bloodsucking undead.  It features great dance numbers, epic fight scenes, and lots of funny character moments.

It already sounds a million times better than ‘Twilight’!  But it’s not all muscle studs gyrating in the near-buff.

Okay, a large chunk of it IS muscle studs gyrating in the near-buff.  But there’s more!

Hartman discusses the nuance of the film:

“But this movie is about more than just hot boys and vampires. There’s a great story, with fun plot twists, memorable characters, and meaningful relationships. There’s a lonely vampire hunter who’s never gotten over his high school boyfriend. A female vampire who’s been in a bad relationship for three hundred years and then suddenly discovers Dr. Phil. And a pair of twin brothers who strip together but compete over everything.”

Watch Hartman’s video to get a tease of the movie (so… many… muscles…) and learn what could be in it for you, if you help make this film a reality.  (It’s actually SFW):

And here is the movie’s narration-free trailer (Also SFW):

If you’d like to contribute, visit ‘Vampire Strippers Must Die!”s IndieGoGo page.

‘Wood’ you like to see a Buffy/Magic Mike hybrid starring hunky male underwear/fitness models?  Or even be part of the making-of?  Comment below!

Source: NewNowNext