TNT is making waves this year with the return of the ‘The Librarians’ for its second season. Originally the concept was used to spawn a series of corny yet fun TV movies for the network, but last year they took the risky move in making the concept into a full fledged television series, which worked out surprisingly well for the network.

For those unaware (such as yours truly), the show features an ancient organization whose mission is the protect the world from magic objects that are hidden all around the globe. Combined with a lot of history that explains the objects, where they came from and where they are now, and the series more or less feels like a combination of ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Harry Potter,’ with a little ‘Warehouse 13’ as well. Without taking itself too seriously and staying family friendly, the show is a guilty pleasure for many fans, which is why the network was eager to bring it back for a second season.

The cast features Rebecca Romjin (‘X-Men,’ ‘X2’), Christian Kane (‘Angel,’ ‘Leverage’), Lindy Booth (‘Dawn of the Dead’), John Kim (‘The Neighbors’), John Larroquette (‘Night Court’) and Noah Wyle (‘Falling Skies’), Wyle being the original star of the first film. With such a stellar cast and the built-in audience, the first season of ‘The Librarians’ was basic cable’s number 2 new series of the year. The new trailer below features lots of the cast, lots of explosions, some corny jokes, and family friendly action, and should serve to whet the appetites for all the fans hungry to see where the show is going next.

What are your thoughts on TNT’s ‘The Librarians?’ Would you tune in to watch it based on the trailer below? Are you already watching and excited for the new season? Share your opinions below!

SOURCE: Blastr