So rumors have been out that during the course of ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ Spider-Man was going to be donning two different costumes, which led to much speculation about whether or not that meant Tony Stark would be giving him the Iron-Spider suit he famously gave the wall-crawler during the original ‘Civil War’ in the comics. Other rumors suggested that Spider-Man would start off with a basic version of a costume, and would be given the actual Spider-Man costume known from the comics by Tony Stark, to keep the idea that Stark gives him a suit, and also to help explain how a young kid could actually procure a costume as detailed as the one Spider-Man wears.

Now a new rumor suggests something completely different, that might actually make more sense though. Now they are saying that Tony Stark will actually be providing Peter Parker with his web-shooters, which would make sense for a tech-genius like Stark to create. So far in films we have seen organic web-shooters (Spidey in Sam Raimi’s films), web-shooters created by Peter himself using webbing creating by Oscorp (‘The Amazing Spider-Man’), but having a tech-genius billionaire design the web-shooters makes a lot of sense, as they are intricate tech capable of amazing feats, and its hard to believe a 16 year old (I think that is Peter Parker’s age in the film), even a genius, would be able to develop those web-shooters on his own. Of course, if Spider-Man follows the same trajectory as his comic-counterpart, and ends up switching to Captain America’s side by the end of the MCU Civil War, Tony Stark may regret any tech he gives to the young hero, meaning Peter might have to figure out how to maintain and/or build his own web-shooters after all.

What are your thoughts on Spider-Man getting the web-shooters from Iron Man? Does it make any difference as long as they get the job done? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend