So while the rest of us eagerly anticipate the December release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ it seems the producers of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ are doing the same, and want to ensure the characters of the show reflect the real life enthusiasm of fans around the world. Seeing as how the male characters of the show are some of the biggest nerds on the planet, and since the show has already demonstrated their love of the galaxy far, far away (Sheldon building his LEGO Deathstar, Sheldon’s Dagobah Professor Proton as Obi-Wan dream, the girls baking a Death Star cake, the guys using a lightsaber as a flashlight, the list goes on…), it would make sense that whatever else is going on in their lives come this December (aka potentially weddings…) they would definitely make time to go see the latest film in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

In executive producer, Steve Molaro’s words:

“We’re talking about how that will be weaved into [the guys’] lives. And we have some really cool ideas. Obviously, we’re all excited about it, just as human beings — and the characters are as well. I don”t know exactly how it’s going to play in, but it won’t be ignored.”

Of course the trick is that whatever episodes air in December around the time of the release of the film would already have been written and shot well before the film comes out, meaning they would not be able to go into much detail about the film itself, or whether or not it was any good. I’m sure they will find a way to work it in nonetheless, even if the guys are just planning on going to a showing opening night which conflicts with plans they have with the ladies, or something equally just as banal. No matter how they do it, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the show return this fall, and in the aftermath of ‘The Force Awakens,’ I definitely cannot wait to see how the characters react to the new film.

Source: Slashfilm