After the events of ‘Ant-Man,’ it’s pretty clear that Scott Lang is tight with Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon despite their little scuffle at the New Avengers headquarters. However, the size-shifting superhero is in line to make even more friends when he pops out of the Quantum Realm and into ‘Captain America: Civil War’. One of these new allies will be Clint Barton, the sharp-shooting archer known as Hawkeye. And now we have a new look at Ant-Man alongside his new buddy, who happens to be sporting a new costume.

Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner recently shared a new piece of concept art that shows off his new uniform from the upcoming Marvel Studios film featuring the Star-Spangled Avenger going head to head with long-time friend and teammate Tony Stark. You can check out the Avenging Archer’s new look thanks to this recent post on Renner’s Twitter:

From the looks of things, the latest Hawkeye suit slightly resembles the hero’s trademark look with the purple color scheme and one arm being exposed, except this time there’s a more militaristic spin to it, which is something we’ve seen with Falcon’s most recent wardrobe change. Of course, there’s no mask with a bullseye or an H on the forehead, but liberties had to be taken in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to give the classic heroes of the House of Ideas a new and modern feel.

As for Lang hanging out on Barton’s shoulder, this might indicate that the pair will form a sort of bond in the upcoming film. This should be a lot of fun based on the comedic relief that Renner and Paul Rudd have provided in their past MCU appearances. But this pairing should also be a blast during action scenes. I mean, look at this scene featuring Hawkeye and Ant-Man from ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’:

Since we obviously won’t get a Fastball Special because Wolverine isn’t available for these movies, this is certainly the next best thing. It better happen, Russos! If not, I’m pretty sure that there will be disappointed True Believers all over the world.

What do you think about Hawkeye’s new attire from ‘Captain America: Civil War’? Are you looking forward to seeing a friendship between Scott Lang and Clint Barton? Let us know in the comment section.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ hits theaters on May 6, 2016.