ready player one

Promoting ‘Ready Player One’ does not necessarily have to be all that challenging considering all of the fan excitement for the film already, however, it’s still fun to see the different ways Warner Bros has come up with to get people excited. In their latest promotional stunt, fans had to do some work to find a secret link where the new teaser for the film can be found. If you cracked the QR code, it led to a hidden video of the film narrated by Steven Spielberg with some new unseen footage. Check out the original teaser in the Tweet below:


Of course, they eventually released the new trailer to everyone regardless of whether they found the secret link, but it was still fun for those playing along. And the Spielberg trailer definitely is worth the watch, perfectly setting the stage for ‘Ready Player One’ by reminding us of the mood and tone of the Spielberg pantheon of films and the way they had such an impact on the writer of ‘Ready Player One.’ The trailer begins with author Ernest Cline stating:

“I could not have written ‘Ready Player One’ if I didn’t grow up on a steady diet of Spielberg movies. It would have been a different story, or I might not have written it at all. His work is woven into the fabric of my life. Everybody, I think, who dreams of making movies dreams of getting to work with him. It’s a dream come true.”

Then Spielberg’s voice comes in where he stated:

“When I read Ready Player One, it was the most amazing flash-forward and flashback of all time.”

Spielberg then continues, speaking about the collaboration with Cline:

“I was very careful with Ernie collaborating with me every step of the way to be able to find the movie narrative inside this dense forest of Ernie’s profound imagination…Ernest Cline is such a visionary and I think has seen the future before any of us could have possibly even imagined it.”

Check out the full trailer for yourself after the jump, and make sure to share your thoughts on the upcoming film (set to hit theaters on March 30th) in the comments section below!