So when I read the sources for this bit of news, they all seemed very intrigued and surprised by the news, but for me, it seems a bit obvious. You see, in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ it has been revealed there is going to be a huge fight scene with Captain America and Iron Man, with Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier) jumping in to help Captain America out. And I say obvious because A.) With Iron Man and Captain America leading different factions of Avengers on opposite sides of a conflict called “Civil War,” they would clearly have to fight one on one eventually. And B.) Since we know Bucky is on Cap’s side, since we saw him with Steve at the end of ‘Ant-Man,’ which is basically Marvel letting us known ‘Civil War’ has a lot to do with Bucky and his involvement with Hydra and keeping news of his return from Tony Stark, it only makes sense that he would be involved in the fight between Cap and Iron Man.

Still, it is fun to confirm various fights that are coming up in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ as it also allows us to start theorizing on how these rumbles are going to go down. As for this fight, most agree that while initially Cap and Bucky might have the upper hand, not only numerically but also because of the fact that they are enhanced humans with an indestructible shield and a powerful cybernetic arm, Iron Man will definitely be able to hold his own if he is indeed using the  Bleeding Edge armor (which in the comics could heal itself, increased Tony’s intelligence, and raised his strength to almost Hulk levels). Without a doubt, it will be one of the more memorable fights in the movie, and should definitely test the creativity of the Russo brothers, who delivered a number of excellent fight scenes in the last ‘Captain America’ movie.

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Sources: Heroic Hollywood