Happy Holiday Marvel fans! The comic geniuses over at Marvel Entertainment have just released an excellent and hilarious stop-motion Christmas themed video starring fan favorites Spider-Man, Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Thor, Hawkeye, the Hulk, the Inhumans, Thanos, and last but not least, jolly old St. Nick himself, Santa Claus. It’s stop-motion ‘Robot-Chicken’ style using action figures of our favorite heroes, and it is definitely not to be missed.

The plot revolves around Thanos scheming to get the Terrigen crystals from the Inhumans, realizing an easy way in during the holiday season is to disguise himself as Santa, who has access to everyone’s home on Christmas Eve. After knocking the real Claus out cold, Thanos (in full Santa Costume) is then pulled into the dubious task of hearing the holiday wishes of the Marvel super-heroes, with Hawkeye in particular disclosing a massive list of different (and awesome) types of arrows he would like Santa to bring him this year. Aside from the hilarity of the Hawkeye bit, Thor’s wish list included something for Loki (despite his mischief this year), Captain America just wanted Bucky brought back to life (not realizing the Winter Solider himself was next in line), and Hulk was offended that Thanos/Santa did not like the idea of the green giant sitting on his lap (cuing my favorite line from Thanos to Hulk: “Why don’t you just mail in your wish list?”)

In the end, Thano’s plans are foiled, the Inhumans notified of the goings-on, and Santa is turned into a terrifying monster with a heart of gold, who will still sit and listen to the wish-lists of the heroes. It’s a video for the fans by a company who knows their audience and is appreciative of their loyalty throughout the years, and a great way to wish everyone happy holidays. Click below for the full video!

Source: Marvel