Starz should be pulling out all the stops for ‘Ash vs Evil Dead,’ as I cannot think of another TV show with such a cult-following, based on a movie, with the star of the original movie crossing over onto television, with such fantastic producers behind it. With Sam Raimi (‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy), Ivan Raimi (‘Drag Me to Hell’), Rob Tapert (‘Evil Dead), Bruce Campbell (‘Burn Notice’) and Craig DiGregorio (‘Chuck‘) serving as producers, with most also writing for the pilot, and Campbell coming back to star as the titular character, there is a powerhouse of creative genius behind the resurrection of this franchise, and what makes it even better is that many of the returning producers and writers worked on the original ‘Evil Dead’ franchise, which means the show will have the same irreverence, humor, and tone as the movies that came before.

Check out the new trailer released by Starz below, which sets up the story for the first season, which is slated to run for 10 episodes. The plot seems to be that after 30 years of hiding from his destiny and refusing to take responsibility for his life, Ash is once again confronted by the Evil Dead. He is joined by Lucy Lawless playing a character named Ruby, who believes Ash is the cause of the outbreaks of Evil, Ray Santiago  as Pablo Simon Bolivar, an immigrant who becomes Ash’s new sidekick, Dana DeLorenzo playing Kelly Maxwell, a social outcast running from her past, and Jill Marie Jones as Amanda Fisher, who is trying to prove Ash is responsible for the grisly murder of her partner from her Michigan State Trooper days.

The trailer has lots of blood, humor, chainsaw action, and Evil Dead, and perfectly sets up the show. Will you be watching Bruce Campbell return to the role that made him famous and fight the Evil Dead once more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!