Comic fans have long known that few things in their favorite hobby ever really end. Whether it’s the seemingly perpetual childhood of Franklin Richards or any number of beloved characters treating death as more of a speed bump than anything else, it’s one of those things that just goes with the territory. But be that as it may, there are some things that nobody really expects to happen.

One such announcement came out of Charlotte, North Carolina’s recent Mad Monster Party. Legendary ‘Batman’ stars Adam West and Burt Ward were present at the event, where the duo announced that they would be reprising their iconic roles for at least one ninety minute animated feature based on the classic TV series.

West and Ward provided few details about the upcoming films, except to say that the goal was to have them ready for release sometime during 2016 as part of the show’s fiftieth anniversary celebration.

Check out the announcement for yourself right here:

Though it was dismissed for years by a segment of Batman fandom in favor of a grittier, more Frank Miller inspired interpretation of the character, the 1966 ‘Batman’ series has seen something of a revival over the past several years, as the legal hurdles that had long prevented a home video release were finally cleared and the ongoing ‘Batman ’66’ comic was launched, to say nothing of the wave of merchandise based on the show. Indeed, even before this recent resurgence, ‘Batman’ had made such an impression on pop culture during its three season run (and, of course, the years of reruns that followed) that even people who had never seen an episode could imitate Adam West’s delivery or hum the theme song.

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