For a sixth time in recent years we’re about to see Marvel launch a new Inhuman line of comics with ‘All-New Inhumans.’ With the Marvel Cinematic Universe already having given them to us on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a ‘The Inhumans’ movie set for 2019 it only makes sense that the company would want to make these characters more popular. Only so far with as much as they’ve thrown on page they still haven’t seemed to resonate all of that much with fans.

This new ‘All-New Inhumans’ is set to be co-written by Charles Soule and James Asmus which will also feature art by Stefano Caselli. Soule has done some amazing character work for Marvel in recent years and is also the writer behind the upcoming ‘Uncanny Inhumans’ so will have a taste for them. With how well he does at mixing character development and action he may just be the writer they need to push The Inhumans further into the spotlight where Marvel wants them.

The new team looks to be run by Crystal who has quite a history with thee larger teams in the past though has never run one prior to this outing. The team is being described as a “diplomatic mission/covert strike team” and the rest of the members include Gorgon, Flint, Naja, and Grid. Their first mission is to find out what the “Skyspears” are that are appearing around the world and why they are causing Inhuman powers to raise dramatically when near them.

According to Asmus, when it comes to Crystal:

“She’s been at the center of the Inhumans, but also served as an Avenger, alongside the Fantastic Four, and even dabbled with the X-Men when she was married to Quicksilver. She’s been a constant presence in the Marvel Universe, but leading this faction of NuHumans is her stepping up in a big way.”

Soule goes into further details on how this is leading up for things to come as:

“Skyspears are big obelisk-type artifacts that have appeared in or near population centers all around the globe. They can’t be moved, or damaged, or even really affected in any way. Their purpose is part of a pretty long play, but the All-New Inhumans will definitely be involved with their ongoing story.”

How will this tie into the ‘Uncanny Unhumans’ which Soule is also working on? Well quite a bit as Asmus states that:

“For the most part, UNCANNY INHUMANS focuses on the more epic conflicts of the Inhuman Royal Family, while our book focuses on the sudden explosion of NuHumans. Our stories, at first, will be a little smaller in scope, with deeply personal consequences for the characters. But we’re building up a cast and a portrait of the new Inhuman world that will soon have to go toe-to-toe with Marvel’s big boys in a very high-stakes way.

“ALL-NEW INHUMANS in particular will focus on the strange and dangerous complications that come from a global unleashing of NuHumans. This book will be the number one way to see exactly how the Marvel Universe is changing as the Terrigen Cloud moves through the world. It’s about getting into countries hit by the cloud–through any means necessary–to help those who need it, and stop those out to kill/exploit/harvest their fellow NuHumans. But of course, new teams and global politics being what they are, there are a million ways for even the best intentions to go wrong. And maybe not everyone on our team has the best intentions to begin with…”

Finally Soule hints once more at exactly how important The Inhumans are for the future of Marvel as:

“The Inhuman corner of the Marvel Universe is a pretty cool place, especially once you bring in books like MS. MARVEL and KARNAK. They’re all part of a larger picture, and they’re all connected in large and small ways. Similarly, the Inhumans are part of the huge tapestry that is the Marvel Universe, and we’ll see all the threads getting woven together as we move into 2016. I know there are some really cool stories coming up with respect to the X-Men, for one thing…”

There has been hints of a huge fallout between The Inhumans and Mutantkind coming soon and this just seems to help push that they’ll be having a large crossover event of some sort.

What are your thoughts on Marvel pushing more of ‘The Inhumans’? Is putting them in the spotlight just where they are story arc wise these days or is this a push to help audiences of the Cinematic Universe to know about the characters? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel