American McGee, aside from having what is possibly the coolest real life name in all of gaming, is well known for his dark and creative designs. His most well-known games are his reimaginings of the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ setting, ‘American McGee’s Alice’ and ‘Alice: Madness Returns.’ They’re fan favorites and mostly well-received critically too. McGee has said that he always envisioned the series as a trilogy, but for various reasons he’s had a difficult time getting them made. Heck it took a decade to make the second game. The biggest roadblock is that McGee himself doesn’t own the game IP, that belongs to Electronic Arts, the publisher, and EA isn’t nearly as enthusiastic about making another game in the series just yet.

Even though he’s had to work on other game projects, McGee was able to Kickstart the production of ‘Alice: Otherlands,’ a series of soon to be released animated shorts that would act as a sort of spiritual sequel, with the hopes that it might be able to help garner some more support for the production of a third game. Since ‘Otherlands’ still hasn’t been released just yet, we’ve yet to see if it’s helped, but there are signs that if nothing else the fans are growing restless. One enterprising fan went to and started a petition to ask EA to allow McGee to make the next ‘Alice’ game already. I signed it myself. It’s perhaps not the most professionally worded petition ever, but it is certainly passionate in its request.

McGee himself suggested to his fans on Twitter that they go ahead and sign it, though he seemed doubtful that it would it would actually do much good. As of the writing of this article the petition almost reached its 15,000 signature goal, but to a AAA publisher like EA, 15,000 really isn’t that big of a number when it comes to sales. Now, add another zero to the end of that number and then they’d probably start paying attention real fast.

As a fan of the series and American McGee’s twisted aesthetic in general, I would love to see the next ‘Alice’ game sooner rather than later, but unless either the animated shorts or this petition go completely viral, we might be in for a long wait.

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