Long gone are the days of sitting while playing electronic games. The Entertainment Consumers Association’s ECA Institute (ECAi) announced the formation of a new work group titled Gamers for Health. The goal is to provide ECA members and the gaming community with the tools and resources they need to help incorporate gaming activities into healthy lifestyles. The industry’s new destination for healthy gaming invites gamers everywhere to join the various programs, learn more about this important cause and get fit by gaming! Are you game? Let’s go!

Jennifer Mercurio, ECA Vice President and General Counsel stated, “To help promote the benefits of healthy gaming, our goal was to create a space for video game consumers to learn more about health and fitness, the expanding exergaming genre, and to provide the tools necessary to take action. With Gamers for Health, we’re creating a community of support and incentive, which is why some of us here at the ECA have already begun this program, and we’ll be offering incentives for members along the way. We all know the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and video games can help us achieve our goals.”

Games have long been criticized for creating and encouraging sedentary lifestyles and the ECA wants to see that come to an end. According to their philosophy, there’s no reason why gamers can’t play and exercise at the same time. By encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, gamers can untether themselves from their chairs and get moving while playing.

To learn more about Gamers for Health and to participate in the get fit by gaming program, go to: http://www.ecainstitute.org/content/gamers-health. For more information on the ECA and to learn how to become a member: www.theECA.com.