It seems that after ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ premieres in 2016, the CW does not have any plans to spin off any more DC characters for the foreseeable future, which makes sense if you think about it. By 2016 about 30% of their programming will be DC comics material, and to go any further would be to alienate their audience that is not watching the comic-book shows, and create a very niche network that would be unable to sustain itself in the long term. Sure, there would be a great 4 or 5 years where we would have a lot of great DC shows, but eventually we would be over-saturated with shows, and lose interest in trying to keep up with all of them. As it is, some people are already having a tough time watching ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ at the same time every week, not to mention the nightmare of those trying to catch up to the current seasons and having to figure out when to switch back and forth between the shows for continuity sake.

Of course, a lot could change given circumstances. If ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is not the huge hit the CW needs it to be, it could be cancelled after 1 season, perhaps spinning off Hawkgirl, the Atom, or Rip Hunter in another show just starring one of those characters. There is also the unconfirmed rumor that ‘Arrow’ might only last 5 seasons, just long enough to chronicle all of Oliver’s 5 year period where the world thought he was dead, before he returned to Starling City and took up his crusade. With ‘Arrow’ currently about to start its 4th season, that would mean the CW had around 2 years to get another spin-off ready to replace the heroes of Starling City. And even then, with the interconnectivity of the shows, replacing ‘Arrow’ would not mean the end of the characters we love, as they could easily relocate Felicity to Star Labs on ‘The Flash,’ or have Oliver pop up now and again on any other show as a kind of mentor/ back-up for its heroes.

So at the end of the day, we will not be getting any more CW DC spinoffs for awhile (I believe CW President Mark Pedowitz’s exact words during the TCA Tour were “There is no intention at this point, to spin anything else off”), but that does not mean the DC universe on the CW will grow stagnant by any means.

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SOURCE: Cinemablend,