The Walking Dead

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9, episode 5, “What Comes After,” this article contains HUGE SPOILERS.

Fans knew that Lauren Cohan would be exiting ‘The Walking Dead’ this season, due to her accepting the lead role in the upcoming NBC series ‘Whiskey Cavalier’, but AMC threw fans a curveball.  While the latest episode was heavily promoted as the final episode featuring Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, ‘The Walking Dead’ also said goodbye to Cohan’s Maggie.  Plans have been announced to spin Rick off into a trilogy of big budget TV movies.  Now, according to Scott M. Gimple, the chief creative officer of the ‘Walking Dead’ brand, the same could happen for Maggie.

“That is absolutely a possibility.  I will say that Angela [Kang] and I and others really want to see Maggie back on the show. We have a lot of story for her that we want to tackle and we’ve talked about different ways we can do it. That said, if ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ lights up the world, we’re still going to do Maggie stuff. We’re just going to figure out different ways to do it. It might be me shooting Lauren in between scenes of Whiskey Cavalier, of Maggie in a post-apocalyptic Prague [where Whiskey Cavalier is filming].”

After a dramatic confrontation between Maggie and Negan, the show made another of its patented time jumps, with focus shifting to a teenage Judith Grimes.  At some point during the skipped years, Maggie departed for parts unknown.

Gimple has expressed a desire to expand ‘The Walking Dead’ in new ways, with TV movies, specials, miniseries, and online content.  It sounds as though Gimple would rather have Cohan back on the main series, but with these other options, viewers may get another way to revisit Maggie.

Are you sad to see Maggie gone?  How would you like to see her again?

Source: EW