‘Jessica Jones’ showrunner Melissa Rosenberg offered more teasers about the second Marvel/Netflix series, which is rapidly approaching, tentatively slated for a December debut.  How closely will the show hew to the comics?  How does the series establish itself in the same world as ‘Daredevil’?  Read on!

Rosenberg confirmed that Jones’ life as a super hero would indeed at least be mentioned.  “We’re going to hit on that! We’re going to hit on it!… glancing off it.”  That doesn’t reveal whether we’ll see Jones decked out in a full spandex suit or if it’ll just be something that is discussed.

It’s important to note that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still in its toddler phase.  Characters like Iron Man and Captain America have only been around a year or so, in movie time.  In the comics, Jones was part of a later generation of heroes, debuting as the super strong Jewel approximately around the time that characters like Luke Cage and Iron Fist made their debuts.  While that will remain true on the show, these heroes are arriving much closer to that of the “senior” characters.

Jones will have needed enough time to function as not just one, but maybe two characters AND give up the spandex life for a more down-to-earth living.

Jones is best known for having been Jewel, the purple haired powerhouse, but she was also a more grounded hero, the unfortunately named Knightress.  Rosenberg was mum on which role would be referenced on the show.

(It’s also worth noting that Jessica Jones is a retroactively created character and never actually starred in a 70s super hero series.  Creator Brian Michael Bendis wrote the 2001 comic ‘Alias’ with Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman in mind, but Marvel balked after reading the gritty, explicit plot and asked Bendis to create a new character rather than disgrace an existing hero.)

Rosenberg stressed that Jones will move “beyond female superheroes as they look good in a unitard… I approach this character not from telling a female story. Gender is not the first character aspect that defines her.”

“She’s funny! She’s dark! She’s the real deal,” Rosenberg continued, “She’s utterly compelling, both the actress and the character.  The first time I saw [star Krysten Ritter] do drama was ‘Breaking Bad’. And she was just a guest star. We pushed her to some really dark, emotional places, and she just keeps going there. She’s got incredible range!”

“[The show is] about the character, it’s about her emotional arc… She’s not out to save the city.  She’s out to make rent.”

Marvel’s head of television Jeph Loeb agreed that the live action version would not shy away from the “real problems” and “abuse” depicted in the comic.

Rosenberg described the show as more of a “psychological thriller,” stating “Our show has plenty of action, but it’s not about the action.”

‘Jessica Jones’ is just the second installment in the announced series of Marvel Netflix shows that will introduce additional street-level Marvel brawlers, which will ultimately lead up to ‘The Defenders’.  As such, it was important to reinforce that ‘Jones’ takes place, not just in the same universe, but the same neighborhood as the established hit ‘Daredevil’.

“I think I’m allowed to say: Rosario Dawson will be dropping in,” Rosenberg revealed.  And Dawson’s Claire Temple won’t be alone.  “Smaller characters that populated that world will be popping in.”

While Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox may not appear, it sounds as if other supporting characters will, adding to the sense of continuity between shows.

What ‘Daredevil’ characters should show up on ‘Jessica Jones’?  Are you excited to see a gritty female protagonist?  How much of her life as Jewel would you like to see?

Source: ET Online