Stephen Amell popped up at SDCC sporting his new Season Four costume with short sleeves, where he revealed a few changes that fans could expect this fall, specifically that the show’s setting would, for some reason, change from Starling City to Star City and that Amell’s character, Oliver Queen’s codename would become GREEN Arrow.  Both changes bring the show more in line with the reality established in the comics.

Could there be even more elements from the comics popping up on the show?  Possibly!  Read on!

What Will Thea’s Codename Be?  Could It Be… The Red Hood?!

Oliver’s kid sister, Thea (Willa Holland) has completed her training with her biological father, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), making her a marksman and combatant on par with Ollie and the rest of the gang.  Her boyfriend, Roy/Arsenal (Colton Haynes) left Starling City behind and gave Thea his old costume, which she donned at the end of Season Three, remarking that she was thinking of calling herself “Red Arrow.”  But word is, she will actually go by “Speedy.”

In the comics, Roy Harper started off as Speedy.  On the show, “Speedy” is a nickname Oliver calls Thea.  In the comics, Harper later became Arsenal, then Red Arrow.  Meanwhile, Oliver took on a new Speedy, Mia Dearden.  (Seen to the left.)  At Comic Con, Holland stated that she hoped to add a yellow cape to her costume to more closely resemble Mia’s.

BUT could there be more?  In Season Three, Oliver used a Lazarus Pit to revive Thea and executive producer Marc Guggenheim stated that once a person emerges from the Pit, they aren’t necessarily the same person they were before.  Some are speculating that Thea may actually go down a dark path.

When Thea tracks Roy down, he is living under the alias “Jason.”  In the comics, Roy as Red Arrow, is a teammate of Jason Todd, a.k.a. The Red Hood.  Todd is famous for being the second Robin, the one fans hated so much they voted to kill him off in a call-in poll.  Somehow, he managed to recover from that and now, under his Red Hood guise, has actually become a fairly popular character.

Some fans are speculating that Thea may actually take on the mantle of The Red Hood which may bring her into conflict with Oliver and his allies.

It wouldn’t be the first time Oliver found himself having to make an impossible choice, in this case, what to do if his beloved sister goes bad?

Will The Huntress Return?  And If So, Will She Be Flying Solo?

Guggenheim would love to see the return of Jessica De Gouw as The Huntress.  “We have a great Huntress story,” he expressed. “We just have to find the right time for it, and it would be a shame if we couldn’t get her back this year.”

The Huntress previously teamed up with Sarah Lance’s Canary in Season Two in an episode entitled ‘Birds of Prey’.  Will she “get the band back together” this time with Sarah’s sister Laurel who goes by Black Canary?  Add to that Katana who was also recently a member of the team in the comics and possibly even Felicity standing in for Barbara Gordon and Thea, in whatever guise she chooses to adopt and you have a pretty formidable force!

So Those Green Lantern Rumors?  True Or False?

In the two-part crossover with ‘The Flash’, the heroes faced Roy Bivolo, a villain whose eyes glowed with red energy, causing his victims to be consumed with rage.  He was defeated using a device that bombarded him with green, blue and violet light.  These colors play into the ‘Green Lantern’ comic book, with its multicolored Lantern Corps.  Red energy is fueled by rage.

Add to that the fact that Ferris Airlines and Coast City have been specifically name dropped.  Ferris Airlines is the company that Hal Jordan, the main Green Lantern works for which is owned by Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphire, leader of the Violet Lanterns.  And Coast City serves as Jordan’s home base.

Then the rumors swirled that John Diggle (David Ramsey) might turn out to be John Stewart Diggle or some variation of that, with John Stewart being one of the major Green Lanterns.

But could it all be for naught?  It sounds like it.  Guggenheim seemed to shrug of any possibility of Green or any other colored Lanterns showing up, stating “It would be great but I doubt it very much.”  He pointed to the just announced ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie as being a potential conflict, akin to the one that forced writers to write Task Force X out of the series.

So that seems like a hard no on Green Lantern, a hope that Huntress returns with the possibility of a new Birds of Prey and a bit of a mystery as far as Thea’s future is concerned.

What would you like to see on ‘Arrow’ Season Four?  Are there any other characters from the past or the comics you’d like to see on the show?  Comment below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter